Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ding-a-ling Barnum and Daily Circus

Yep..life is a bit of a circus right now, and I had better not wake up tomorrow looking like the bearded lady.

Yesterday, some type of tummy bug must have invaded the intestines of Jake and Zoey. Zoey made it to the bathroom, but Jake had poo up to his neck. As I finished cleaning him up, Kate came strolling over with a stinky diaper. Sheesh... Our whole house reeked. This was all before my morning cup of tea! Taylor came downstairs about that time and said, "Eww...it's a poop fest."

SaraGrace, relishing her role as big sister, has been overheard giving orders to her young siblings. "You better not even THINK about hitting Mommy." (That was for Kate, who has some orphanage habits of hitting mommy in the face.) Also heard, "Jordan, you KNOW you aren't 'pposed to do that."

Jake has become more independent and doesn't want me to hold his hand when he walks down the steps anymore. I asked if he was sure..which he was, and just when I was about to say, "Ok..whatever..," he said, "Whatever." I cracked up! I guess I say that more often than I realize.

Zoey had been getting out of her bed at will and it was becoming a safety issue. Jeff found her down in the family room at 4:30AM the other day. Yikes! He rigged up a way for her not to be able to get out of her bed and she is SO mad. When we go in to get her, she is always sitting in her bed, pointing to it and yelling, "Baba, Baba!" She knows it is his fault that she lost her freedom! However, she returns to her happy self as soon as we get her out of bed.

Both girls are doing remarkably well. Zoey loves all the noise and contributes happily to it! Her infectious giggles echo through the house. Kate is quiet, hangs out with Mommy, and loves to have me hold her. I hear lots and lots of "bao bao" which means 'hold me,' as she stretches her little arms up. Needless to say, I'm getting very little done since she wants me to hold her so much. She is so sweet, though, that I really don't mind. My arms are going to be really buff in a few weeks. haha

We bought these shirts in Guanghzhou--probably not politically correct, but we were amused.

This week we have been completely spoiled by Taylor's homeschool co-op group who have been bringing meals to us. The mom who organized it adopted twice from China and says she remembers all too well, the transition of the first few months home. We are humbled and overwhelmed by the kindness of these women bringing us dinner--some of whom do not even know us!


Melissa B. said...

Ok... these two pics (especially the top one) are my faves of the girls... oh... except for one of them sleeping in China. They are SO precious!!!!

Mom Of Many said...

I just wanted to stop by and thank you for joining in the friends at A Place Called Simplicity...we have been in awe of all the encouragement they are to us! Thank you!

I peeked around your blog and wow you have an adorable bunch of gems!! How blessed you are! I see you just returned from China too...way to go girlfriend - bringing bunches home - Yippee Jesus!

I pray for continued adjustments for all your little ones...

Hugs from Colorado,

Karin said...

Melissa...these pics capture their personalities so well. I'm glad you like them. :)

Karin said...

Linny, how sweet that you took the time to look around my blog with all that you have going on right now. I continue to pray for your family and so LOVE seeing pictures of "Toby" with you. I'm thankful that Lynsay directed me to your blog. :)