Friday, January 02, 2009

The kids at Hope

We had a wonderful time visiting the kids at Hope Healing Home today. They are all so precious! I took 136 pictures, so now I have to decide which ones to post.

For those new to the blog, I volunteer for Love Without Boundaries, a charity for orphans in China. In partnership with Hope Healing Home, we have a foster care program here. I am the coordinator for the program, so I needed to visit 'my' kids! Kate has been living in foster care through Hope, for the past year and a half. We met Kate's foster mom today(although Kate is no longer there - she had to return to her home orphanage to do her paperwork for her passport). When we first arrived, the foster mom got out the photo album I had sent to Kate and showed us the photos of ourselves. She then told our translator that the people in the photo were adopting Kate. I pointed to the photo and then pointed to Jeff and I. It was so funny when she realized that we were the people in the photo. (We must look really jet-lagged!) She is so sweet and says she misses Kate very much. Kate left her home 10 days ago. She gave us her address so that we can send her pictures and hopefully I can get a letter translated now and then.

At the next home, we visited little Jia, who had miraculous, life-saving heart surgery last fall. Some of you prayed for her. Wow...she looks amazing...and she is FULL of life!! What a hilarious kid! She loves her foster family and has settled in well with them. It's obvious they adore her.

The rest of these pictures will just be random shots of some very cute kids. Oh...and one shot of Baby sitting next to a Coke can with an Olympic design.


Lynsay said...

brings tears to my eyes! They are all so beautiful!

masnocab said... are torturing me with the picture of the baby with the cleft lip!! :)

Just you know if the baby is a boy or girl? I told my husband that wouldn't it be crazy if we were already looking at our daughter! I know I know...just dreaming, but God does work miracles!

~ Cari Bacon

mncfi said...

Hi Karin, How great that you got to see these gorgeous kiddos! I hope dear Sophia was well. She is the little one who had moved into Zhi Xia's cot when we visited, and now we are blessed to be one of her sponsors. How special to meet Kate's foster mother. I bet that meant such a lot to her too.
Not long now til you get your girls. You must be tingling with excitement. We feel excited for you here. Love Fi

Kris said...

WOW... just found your blog- LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing my girl here!!!! And to have this pic in it's larger size, so exciting!!!!!!!! And I can't wait to get home from work and read YOUR story :O) And save you to bloglines... incredible. Friend of mine just emailed me this link!!

Small world- :O)

Kris- lucky mom to Ellis Gao Mei (Anna)...

Karin said...

How exciting to 'meet' Anna's Mama. :) I have two little ones from Hope and have had the privilege of visiting several times. I LOVE little Anna. Oh my goodness...what a treasure!!