Monday, January 12, 2009's what's not for dinner

Baby decided he wanted to try some authentic Cantonese cuisine. Cantonese is much different than northern Chinese food. The northern Chinese have a saying that the Cantonese will eat anything with legs, except a table. After seeing today's choices, Baby would probably agree! These were some of the choices at a nearby restaurant.

Yes, these ARE huge waterbugs
Baby decided that he would rather just have a bottle of milk and forget about dinner
Our hotel in a district that is surrounded by many stores. They are not the type of stores we would normally buy from, but we decided to take a look around. The number of people crowded into the available space was astonishing. Even I was overwhelmed! It was like Christmas shopping at the mall…on steroids. The population is so dense here that the Chinese are not used to the same amount of personal space that Americans are…which brings me to my next funny moment.

Yesterday at church, Jeff and I were sitting in a pew with the girls. We had our diaper bag and jackets on the seat…so we were kind of spread out. I should have known better. Part way through the service, a young girl came in and started to move into the pew we were sitting in. As I was trying to move our stuff so that I could scoot over and sit beside Jeff, the girl just wedged herself between us and sat down! Jeff and I smothered smiles and spent the rest of the service handing baby toys to each other behind her.

I went to my usual place to get a massage. I had a wonderful, hour-long massage for about $12.50! It was heavenly. Her shop is pretty bare bones, but it’s clean. She then wanted to shampoo and style my hair. I noticed while she was doing this that the shampoo bottle had a very odd translation. It was: “…for the energy and superior fertilizer for dry, forked hair.” No idea what forked hair is? Jeff says that he wants to try out the hair fertilizer and see if he can get some of his hair back!

The girls are feeling so much better. They still have slight colds, but I think they are almost over their illness. Zoey goes in and out of liking me. Jeff had to go to the Consulate this afternoon to straighten out a paperwork issue, and she stood by the door crying hysterically and saying, “Baba, Baba.” I felt so bad for her!! It was naptime, so after I held her a bit (she let me, so that was good!), I put her in bed. She was so mad! She did finally go to sleep, and when she woke up, only cried for a little while. She then seemed fine and we went up to the roof to play by the pool and get some sun. (It's too cold to swim.) We are really praying that she gets used to Jeff being gone, because he has to leave tomorrow afternoon (Tue.) and won’t come back until Wed. evening. He has a plant here in China that he needs to visit (for work). He hired a local girl to come over to the hotel on Wed. to help push one of the girls in a stroller so that Mommy and girls aren’t stranded in our hotel room all day. Amazing how little it costs to do this (wish I could do it at home—haha).

Baby works out on the roof of the hotel

Stylin' girls


Kim @ Up North Mommy said...

I was eating breakfast when I read your post and almost gagged on my FiberOne when I saw those pictures. Eeeww!! I'm so glad to hear things are going well.

Adeye Salem said...

The food in GZ is awful :) My dearest hubby always wants to take a look at what is in those tanks---I walk on the OTHER side of the road :) A vegetarian could NEVER survive there.
So wonderful to hear that your precious girls are doing so well.
Adeye Salem