Thursday, January 08, 2009

Good-bye Zhengzhou

Two precious angels sleeping side by side.

We are flying to Guangzhou later today, so I’m posting this early since we won’t get to our hotel until late. I can’t wait to get there and enjoy some warmer weather.

Both girls are becoming more animated. Zoey sings and talks all the time, while Kate continues to remain pretty quiet. She Is a TEASE, though! She likes to look at us out of the corner of her eyes or roll them upwards. Today at breakfast, she looked at Jeff and then put her fingers in her mouth and pulled it out wide into a monster face. Jeff and I cracked up!

They have been playing together quite a bit. Zoey tattles on everything Kate does that Zoey finds questionable. She will come and tap me and then point at Kate. They feed each other things and share their toys pretty well. I am amazed. I have been praying that God would knit their hearts together, and it’s sweet to see them moving in that direction. They do have their moments, though, when Kate gets fed up with Zoey scolding her for getting into things. Kate will usually whack Zoey and Zoey whacks her right back. Ha.

Zoey has been mimicking everything I say. I said to her, ‘You’re so cute.” She said to me, “You’re so cute.” When I logged into my email she heard it and said, ‘You’ve got mail.” Too funny!

And drum roll please…..I’m IN! I’ve breached the wall in the circle of trust! Zoey likes me! Last night at dinner, she leaned over and gave Jeff a kiss – totally out of the blue. It was so sweet. Later, when I was fixing her hair bow, she leaned toward me and gave me a kiss on the cheek! Be still my heart! Now she wants me to carry her all over and she is SO heavy. She feels wonderful in my arms, though. I still get the occasional ‘bu yao,’ but part of that is probably just being a two year old. Just don’t get between her and the food she wants!

Zoey kissed Mama and the earth stood still

Kate has started doing some rejecting of Mama last night and today. When I put my hand on her, she takes it off. I just tickle her and laugh it off – and then she smiles at me. Hopefully, it’s just a phase she’s going through.

Now that the girls are getting more comfortable with us, they are also getting naughty. Haha I just hope and pray they do okay on the plane tonight.

The ‘clothing police’ here are not happy with how I dress the girls. Everyone thinks they are not dressed warmly enough and must be cold. You must understand that children in China are dressed in multiple layers that are very big and bulky. If I dressed the girls like that, I wouldn’t be able to hold them! I would probably buy some bulky pants here just to appease everyone, but all the pants are split. The pants are open where a diaper should be and when the baby or toddler has ‘to go’ they just squat down and go. Here is a picture of Zoey in her split pants.

Baby decided he wanted to go for a swim last night, so here is a photo of him at the hotel kiddie pool. He seemed to enjoy himself. He then put on his athletic head gear and played a little ping-pong.

"Ahhhhh....this is the life!"

"My style is unorthodox but my skills are legendary."

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Norma said...

I am so jealous of you. Here I am nearly an old lady and still I want those kids!!! I am volunteering at Hope in March with my 2 virtual twin 11 years olds.......last year I took my Starfish.
I am happy for the girls and your family and we will pray for your family.