Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello, Guangzhou!

We are in Guangzhou and it is much warmer, although we still need jackets. We were able to be outside almost all day today and it was WONDERFUL! Our hotel room here is huge, so we are able to spread out and not feel cramped even with two cribs in our room.

We went to the girls’ medical exam today that is required by the U.S. so that we can apply for their visa to enter the country. They were given a thorough exam—much more intensive than previous years. They closely examined Zoey’s leg and foot and three different doctors discussed it.

Kate stays calm while she gets weighed

Zoey...not so much

Baby gets weighed and we think he fell asleep

Coming to Guangzhou is like coming to our second home. We are so familiar with it now and meet people we know from other trips. In fact, we have the same guide this time that we had on our trip to get Jordan!

Kate started talking today! Out of the blue, she just started using words. Most of them we don’t understand, of course. She and Zoey had their first conversation and it was so cute! Kate didn’t get a nap today and about 8PM, she put her head on me and said, ‘Sui jao,’ which means, ‘sleep.’ I gave her a bottle and she out in five minutes.

As for being “in” with Zoey….now I am ‘out’ again. Sigh….. I’ve gotten many ‘bu yao’s’ today, although she will play with me.

She has had some tummy woes, which has turned into some woes for Jeff, too. On the plane yesterday, she began to squirm around and fuss, which means she needs to use the potty. Jeff took her to the filthy bathroom and started to put her on the potty, only to discover that she had a little present in her diaper. As luck would have it, the plane also began to experience turbulence at that particular moment. As Jeff was trying to simultaneously wipe her bottom and not allow any part of his or Zoey’s clothing to touch the floor (which was wet because apparently some people find it difficult to find the large hole to empty their bladders into), the plane started bouncing around. He then realized that he had used the last of the toilet paper to line the seat, so now there was nothing left to wipe her. He eventually came back to his seat, sank down looking grossed out, and asked me for some hand sanitizer. For a brief moment, I was glad to be the parent that Zoey was rejecting. (evil grin)

Kate, on the other hand, has the other problem and has only had one messy diaper since we got her. I have suppositories but I am really hoping not to have to use them.

On the plane yesterday, we were sitting behind a couple that intently listened to the instructions and carefully followed each one. They checked to see where the exits were and then to our amusement, the man pulled the life preserver out from under his seat. I saw him put it over his head and whispered to Jeff that the man was trying to inflate it by pulling the string. It didn’t work. Seconds later, Jeff whispered to me… “Now he’s blowing into the little tubes, like they showed how to as a back-up.” Jeff and I both broke into fits of laughter as the man wrestled with his non-functioning life preserver. Soon one of the flight attendants walked by and noticed the man. Another was called over and they both began scolding him and looking disgusted. The preserver never did get inflated.

Our main goal today in the shopping area was to find a Chinese New Year outfit for Baby. We had to visit many shops but we are happy to tell you that he is now all ready to celebrate!

Here are some random pictures of traffic in Zhengzhou on our way to the airport yesterday.


James, Dawn & Family said...

So glad you made it to Guangzhou (we know how happy it feels to be there when traveling in China). Your girls are beautiful and what a blessing to have them in your arms. We are praying for a safe return home. God Bless.
The Newsome's

mncfi said...

Oh poor Jeff! But you can tell him that his troubles made a very funny story on the blog - maybe that will make him feel better. We were racing round to get everyone ready, then I sat down to quickly check how you were going. Now I'm laughing instead of stressing that we will be late! So thanks Jeff.
Love Fi