Friday, January 23, 2009

Kung Fu Panana

Jordan told Jake he wanted to watch Kung Fu Panda but it came out as Kung Fu Pana. Now Jake thinks it is Kung Fu Panana (as in: banana).

There is something hilarious about a little Hispanic boy speaking Chinese. His new favorite word is...surprise...'bu yao!' He picked up on that very quickly. He uses it very matter of factly, as if it is completely normal for him to be speaking Chinese. His favorite rendition is, 'bu yao, bu yao, bu yao.' Passionate...that's Jake! He also says 'thank you' in Chinese and Kate has taught him the cute little hand motion that goes with it. In China, they have the kids clasp their hands in front of them and then move them up and down while they say, "Xie xie." We cracked up when we heard Jake say it while using the hand motion.

We are pumping Kate with raisins to help her intestinal woes, but Jake is not allowed to eat them. They have a tendency to make him 'poop his back.' Translation: the diaper will not hold the contents and they go up to his neck. Well....Jake LOVES raisins so it is torture for him to watch Kate eating them. He has been seen sneaking a few that fell out of her box, and ended up with a 'poop my back.' Gross! When I opened his diaper and groaned, he said, 'Take a bath?' and grinned at me.

Well...back to my glamorous life. I need to attack that laundry pile that is rivaling Mt. Rushmore.


jzh said...

Dear Karin,
Sarah and I are your long time blog readers, rabid but quiet (aren’t these two words contradicting? In Chinese they are.:-). We read your every single post. We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and Jeff on the newly additions to your family. They are truly precious. Sarah and I are already struggling trying to take care of just two kids. We could only imagine how much effort it takes to take care of a full class. You are the greatest Mom and Dad! Also, we will need to ask you for advice and tips next time when we travel to China. We had a bunch of accidents last year traveling with the kids. You are certainly more experienced China travelers than we are. Haha. Happy Niu Year!
BTW, we have our kids' pictures online( Drop by when you have time.

Karin said...

Dennis and Sarah!! :) Xin Nian Kuai Le!! I went and looked at your kids...they are darling! Wish we could see you guys.