Monday, January 26, 2009

Prayer Answered

After returning from an adoption trip, I always give a status update on how God answered prayer.

The most recent requests were for our trip.
1. Prayer for safety: God kept us totally safe
2. Prayer for health for all of us. This one God answered differently. He kept Jeff and I healthy, but the girls, especially Kate, were sick. I believe that her misery allowed her to accept help and comfort from me, and helped with the inital bonding process. Same with Zoey, although on a lessor scale since she wasn't as sick. So God had purpose in allowing the girls to be sick!
3. Our luggage would not get lost: It didn't.
4. Our paperwork would be fine: It was.
5. Our computers and camera would work: They did.

In my prayer journal, I had written other prayers. (I keep one because my memory is so faulty!)
1. We prayed that China would approve us. We waited four long months to be approved for Zoey and then when we asked for the special privilege to adopt Kate as well, we were miraculously given approval very quickly.
2. We prayed that both girls would be loved and cared for. Both of them are bonding well, giving kisses, and accepting love. We are SO THANKFUL!!
3. We prayed for mutually fast bonding, and that the girls would feel safe with us from the start. We are amazed at how well they are bonding!
4. We prayed for babysitters for our kids. God put it on the hearts of some special friends to offer to babysit. We didn't even have to ask anyone!
5. We prayed for finances and God is working on it.

For those of you who stood with us in prayer, we thank you with grateful hearts. We cannot adequately express how much it means to us.

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James, Dawn and Family said...

The song "God is Good" comes to mind.