Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vacation Day 4

As we walked out of our villa that morning, there was a balloon tied to the chair on the porch, along with a button that said, "Happy Birthday, Zoey!" We were shocked...and Zoey was SO excited! I put the button on her shirt and let her take her balloon to breakfast. Taking a balloon to breakfast doesn't get a judgmental look at Give Kids the World!

At breakfast, she was presented with a whipped cream-and-sprinkles-covered waffle with a candle in it.

After breakfast, we headed over to the castle. We had some activities that we needed to participate in.
First up was the magic pillow machine. They pushed buttons, turned knobs, made their choice of pillow and came down the shoot. Each child in the family was given a pillow.

Each pillow was different and hand made. Our kids LOVE them!

Waiting expectantly for the next pillow to appear!

Next stop was SaraGrace's star. Each Wish child is given one. They write their names on their star and then the Star Fairy comes and puts it on the ceiling of the castle to commemorate their visit.

Placing her star in the Star Fairy's magic box.

Watching her star magically travel to the Star Fairy's house. The next day, a Passport was delivered to our villa with directions to find her star on the ceiling.

Just a small portion of the stars that decorate the ceiling.

Then it was time for some scrapbooking!

Forget throwing a penny in the Wishing Well... let's climb in. Urgh! was only 10:30AM but we all scream for ice cream! Woohoo!

Where else could you eat ice cream so early in the day?
Next, my cousin and his wife, as well as my mom's sister, came to spend the day with us. How fun!

Not long after we arrived at the pool, it started to rain. We thought we'd wait it out in the pool area, but after awhile it became apparent that it wasn't going to let up quickly.

It was decided that we would get ready to go over to Disney World. We were sure that the rain would stop. It's Florida. It doesn't rain all day, right? Epcot was the destination so that the kids could see the China and Mexico areas.

The rain will go away. The rain will go away.
Or not.

Good plan.

I didn't take my camera into Epcot because I was afraid it would get wet and ruined. My mom had her small camera in her purse, so the rest of these shots were hers. When we arrived at the China exhibit, we were excited to learn that Mulan was there! We were just in time to grab a photo op. We also saw the acrobats, who were amazing. I borrowed my mom's camera to take pics but they didn't do the acrobats justice, so I am not posting them.

We then headed to Mexico. We told Jake it was Guatemala. Don't judge...heehee He was SO excited! It was adorable. He kept saying, "Is dat my Gotamala? It's MY Gotamala!" We went on a little boat ride there and as he continued to say "My Gotamala," Zoey chimed in and said it was hers, too. Jake was quite miffed and retorted, "NO, Zoey. You China. It not you Gotamala. It's MY Gotamala."

Despite his excitement at seeing Gotamala, he did not want to wear this hat. We made him.
We are mean.
We wanted the photo.
What can we say?

A more willing participant...

Sound asleep on the way home, clutching his precious Cars that he scored at Epcot.


Anonymous said...
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Lori said...

I am enjoying your Disney pics SO MUCH! I am amazed at all the fun stuff they shower those kiddos! What a once-in-a-lifetime experience!!

LOVE the Guatemala story. Too funny!

trustandobey said...

Good morning,
Disney thinks of everything, doesn't it? Love the pillow machine with handmade pillows! We never saw Epcot. What did you think of it?

Kim K. said...

How fun!! I especially love the Mulan pictures. Looks like a fantastic trip. Have you caught up on laundry yet? I can't even imagine what your laundry looks like with all your kiddos. Hugs!!

Holly said...

Oh my goodness Karin. What would your family be without EACH one of those precious kiddos?!
Love the Jake stories. Always.
You have a talent of telling so much through the lens of your camera!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Happy belated birthday, Zoey! What a first class operation the whole MAW foundation is! LOVE the stars on the ceiling--yet another classy touch!


James, Dawn and Family said...

We are going to disney in 15 more days, this makes us more anxious.

Jean said...

I love it! It looks like so much fun!! We haven't brought our younger crew to Disney BUT think we are going to have to soon!!

You have such a beautiful family! I love seeing the photos of them!