Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day Three - Sea World

We started out the day by heading to the horse corral at Give Kids the World. Have I mentioned how much we loved that place?! Oh yeah...I guess I did.
Twice a week, they bring horses in so that kids can have a ride. Our kids were very excited. Everyone rode--except Taylor, of course.


Each child received a cowboy hat when they completed their ride.

Jake was actually brave enough to ride this time. His last opportunity brought on a panicked refusal.

Little cowpokes...
Then, on to Sea World, where the crowds were mercifully thinner than Disney.
We started the day by riding this roller coaster. I have always loved roller coasters but I knew I was in trouble seconds after the bar locked into place. The seats rolled forward so that we were horizontal. As in, my face was where my shoes should have been--just staring at the ground. Not good. I spent the next 60 seconds which seemed like an hour praying that I would not barf. The result of the blood rushing to my brain for those dreadful moments was a dull headache that lasted all day.
Why can't they just make roller coasters like they used to? You know...the ones with a HUGE drop that takes your breath away? Yeah...those are the ones I like.

Jeff and the kids headed off to the water ride that I skipped to stay with the little kids.
Here they come!

Splish, splash, I just took a bath...

Chloe regretted sitting in the front because she was soaked from head to toe

Dolphin show...they are the most beautiful creatures

We were able to feed the dolphins and had so much fun touching them and handing them fish. They feel like rubber.

Even the teenager thought this was cool
We noticed that there was a kiosk where the girls could get their hair braided. How fun! We decided to go for it.
SaraGrace went first

"Oh my GOODness!"

Lookin' good, girl!

Jillian opted for less braids to maximize her budget

Chloe enjoys watching the process

The girl that did their hair was so sweet. We had fun talking to her and we were amazed at how quickly she finished their hair.

"Mom....I have to go potty really bad!"

Jeff and I were cracking up as we watched all of Jordan's facial expressions on this ride.

Waiting for the Shamu show to start

Still waiting...."when is dat Shamu gonna be here, Mom?"

Ta-Da! Here comes Shamu!

See you later!


Kim K. said...

Your kiddos must have had the trip of a life time. Your pictures are simply amazing.

Angie said...

What an awesome trip! I love SG's expressions at her new hair-do! And the dolphins? My favorite. I can't wait until next spring when we go for Laura's MAW trip to FL to swim with them.

trustandobey said...

Sea World made such a splash with my girls when we went. For the next 6 months, our lives were all about oceanography! Looks like so much fun!

Lori said...

Oh my gosh, I had no idea Sea World had rides! But since I haven't been there in about 35 years, I reckon they probably have made a few improvements since then! And I'm totally with ya on the roller coaster thing. There is a good reason God put our heads on TOP of our bodies. And I think that's where He intended for us to keep it.

Love the braids! I want that job! Well, only if all the customers are cutie girlies like yours!

I nominate you to travel the world with your kids doing wonderful post after post about the places you've been! It's fun visiting *vicariously* through you and your littles!

Kathleen said...

Love the hair!!!
My girls just had their hair done too this weekend and I love it when it is in braids. Your vacation looks amazing and I am so glad that you are having a wonderful time!! I loved Sea World and the Dolphins were my favorite:)

Thanks for the updates and photos:)

Kristin Ferguson said...

WE loved Sea World too--in fact more than Disney- both of which we went to with Lisa and her family (I noticed she didn't mention that minor detail in her comment). :)

AND my favorite thing about Sea World, other than the Shamu Show, was KRACKEN--awesome roller coaster! Tell Taylor I'll come ride with him next time! :) :) :)


Gretchen said...

I love Sea World! I am glad that your kids liked it as much as I told you that they would. Did they get to see the Sealion and Otter show? That one always cracks up the little ones.

Well, I am heading to Animal Kingdom this morning. I forgot to ask if you ever made it there.

Kimberlie said...

I love the pics of Sea World! My boys have wanted to go to Sea World for a couple of years. Last spring break I thought we could go this spring break, but then we started adopting again. However, there is one in San Antonio that is within a day's drive for us, so I think we will go before we bring #4 home just so they know that I didn't forget. I would love to go to the one in FL though.

What amazing memories you are making - even "the teenager." LOL!