Thursday, April 01, 2010

Signs of spring

It finally stopped raining today, which was a relief because building an ark was starting to become a consideration.

To my surprise, there were some of these in our yard already.

As I was checking a tree for any possible signs of leaves, a sweet little man offered a 'flower' to his Mama.

It's amazing the things you can do with a dandelion...

He had tons of fun with it for over an hour. He also made sure that Mama had some 'pretty flowers,' too.
Update on my brother-in-law, Lance... There has been no change in his platelet level production. Doctors are moving forward with plans for a bone marrow transplant. My sister-in-law sounded really tired when I talked to her today. Thank you so much for praying!


Angie said...

There is nothing sweeter than little boys bringing flowers (or weeds) to their mama! Mine go in a pretty dish on the windowsill...bugs and all!

trustandobey said...

Amazing how beautiful and special a weed can be when presented by the right person:)
Praying for your BIL and his wife as soon as I finish this comment.

Kristin Ferguson said...

I need a little person to bring me those pretty weeds squished between chubby fingers again! Can't wait for Nadia to get here!

Just prayed for your BIL and his wife--she probably REALLY needs a lot of support right now.