Saturday, April 03, 2010

Egg Hunt

Our kids were very sad this year to miss the annual egg hunt at my parents' house, so we decided to have our own egg hunt. Along with another family, we chose today for the big event.

Katie-bug was bitten by several mosquito's in the middle of the bright sun yesterday (sigh...) and tonight she has a swollen leg and a low grade fever. We are hoping and praying she doesn't end up in the hospital with cellulitis again. She had a tough time enjoying the egg hunt with her 'owie.' But she soldiered on. Candy was waiting....

My eggs are falling out 'cause my basket is so full.

I purposely dressed to match my basket. Not really.

Squirreling away his eggs

I wonder how much candy I can eat without anyone noticing.

Getting ready to check out the loot

Smile, pretty so Mama will be happy

When we were visiting Ryan in South Carolina, my aunt gave the girls a big bucket of cake mix, muffin cups and every imaginable candy and sprinkles to decorate them. Jillian made the cupcakes yesterday and decided to get ALL the decorations out. She invited the little kids to help (the 3 littlest were only allowed to make one--their own--'cause who wants a cupcake that has been licked---ewwww).

Decorating is serious business

The end result. I know, I stomach feels nauseous, too

Chloe's claim to fame is that her cupcake had 31 pieces of candy on it.

At least they're really pretty....


The Ferrill's said...

Karin, I haven't checked in in too long, and please know I am praying tonight for Lance...
I love coming to your never disappoints! The egg hunt looks so FUN! And the cupcakes too!
Happy Easter to your beautiful family!
Laine in AL

Stefanie said...

Oh my... what FUN!
And those cupcakes??? Gorgeous! If not the tiniest bit nauseating ;)
Happy Easter to your beautiful crew!

trustandobey said...

Looks like fun there! Love the matching outfits on the girls. Boy, if we just lived a little closer (like, say, 10 hours or so) could we have fun at the mall every now and then. I think you may have a winning "dessert shot" amongst the cupcakes:)
Hope you have a blessed Easter!!!

Kim K. said...

Your egg hunts is fabulous and those cupcakes look perfectly gooey. I'm sure your Easter was a blessed one.

Lori said...

Wow, I do think that your kids have tilted the sugar level limit to the extreme on those cupcakes. Dare I ask...did they actually EAT them? Yikes. I'm just old-school, I guess (or maybe just OLD),...but I like my cupcakes with zero stuff on top. Yep, I do think that makes me officially old and boring. :)

GREAT photos, as usual!!