Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Is it Summer?

Oh. My. Word. It was 91 degrees today! In New England! So, what would we do with this unexpected warm weather?

The kids were sweating and there was just no other choice than to force ourselves to go to the lake. It was tough, but it had to be done.

Woo...Mom says we can get our feet wet!

Sun and!

We can get wet?

"Uhhhh....Mom. waaahhhh.... (insert fake whining and pretend angst), I wet. Da water got me wet."

"It's okay, Jake. It's hot today so you can get wet."
"Oh. (big smile) Okay."

Checking to see if his bum is wet. It is.

Zoey tried to stay dry but her tell-tale wet spot was prominently displayed.

SaraGrace made no such attempt and was soon soaked.

"Brrrr...the water is COLD, Mama."

After their feet turned to ice, they got out and played with sticks. At one point, I noticed that Kate was standing off to the side. Her new thing is pouting. She does it well.

I sad. I not getting what I want.

"Maybe if I get my lip out farther, someone will notice that I'm not happy. Or care."

"Hmph. No one noticed. I guess I'll just go..."

"...sit over here and dig worms."

The kids had a blast playing with sticks, floating pieces of wood as boats and throwing rocks to see who could make the biggest splash. (Kate did get over her little snit eventually.)


trustandobey said...

91 degrees in Mass? Probably 109 in Florida. Pack may just want to live in them! It was beautiful here too. Praise God for spring!!!
ps-great colorful!!!

Kimberlie said...

Fun! We had a hot spell here in Okla, but then a big storm came through yesterday and we got our spring back - 69 degrees and sunny - a beautiful day.

As for Katie and her pout, I would rather the pout with the big lip sticking out than the drama queen wail we have in our house. If you ignore it, it just gets louder and louder until I finally just have to put her in my room on the bed and shut the door. A pout I could handle, the wailing not so much.

Waitingfaithfully said...

What a fun day, despite the crazy April heat! You were much warmer in Mass., than we were in south Texas!

Great pictures!



So thankful that Lance was able to go home!

Angie said...

No fair!! It's been a monsoon here lately and I'm ready to build an ark. Great week for us to have our spring break. Enjoy that awesome weather!!

Lori said...

Oh my gosh, I am cracking up over those pics of Kate! Bahahaha! I think I made that same face at least four times yesterday. And nobody seemed to notice me either.

sara said...

yea for warm weather!!!

ok, that is quite a pout....but it is oh so cute!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Global Warming??? tee hee
The pictures were fun--loved the pouting sequence the best! She's really good! :)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Kim K. said...

Wow. That must be a record!! Please send some of that backwards to MI. We're only going to top out in the 40s today and snow is expected. Cute pics.

James, Dawn and Family said...

Looks like fun! Katie has the perfect pouty face. BTW-it's snowy here in WI.

Tori said...

So fun! At least Kate wasn't eating worms!! :)

Penny said...

Poor Katie-bug! My grandmother used to say that if you poke your lip out like that a bird will come land on it and poop in your mouth. She was so sympathetic. :)

Kathleen said...

We are having "different" weather for sure in New England right now. I remember most springs here with tons of snow and mud...I like the warmer weather:)

Would it be OK to connect with you through email? I have a question I would like to ask you about special needs adoptions.


Adeye said...

91????? That is just incredible. I cannot even imagine how that feels anymore. It is so cold here in the Ukraine...and snowing at home :( It is almost time for me to move to the E.coast??????? I cannot wait.

LOVE the gorgeous pic, friend.

Hugs across the miles.

Dana said...

OK, that pout could TOTALLY be my Brooklyn! LOL

What a great day!

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