Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Zoey and Kate's Backpacks

Lots of you have asked, so... I found the panda backpacks last year at WalM*rt. I haven't seen them this year, though.

Kind of a cool God story about the backpacks. I had gotten one during the summer for Zoey. In the fall, we found out that we were going to be able to get Kate as well and I went back to WalM*rt to see if they had any more backpacks. It had been a summer item and they were all gone. I was so bummed. Before leaving the store, I headed to the clearance aisle. I spotted a few items from the panda product line. I breathed a prayer that if there was another backpack, I would be able to find it. A quick perusal led to nothing, so I started to dig through the pile. At the very bottom was another panda backpack! I wrote their names on them with a Sharpie marker.

God does care about the 'little things!' :)


Sarah Dawn said...

Rejoicing in the little things with you! Delighted to meet you. Thank you for splashing me today in God's faithfulness as we journey down our adoption road.

Blessings from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Angie said...

"A-Walmarting" I go in search of a Panda backpack for Laura...just in case they have one!

Kim K. said...

That's a great story. I just knew others would love to know more about those adorable panda backpacks. I wonder if Walmart carries them online? I'll have to do some investigating.

mom2-4boys said...

Great Pictures...

No!!! You can never have to many shoes!!!

I hope the kids enjoyed school here in Massachusetts!!!