Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zoey and Kate at the Pumpkin Patch

It is our family tradition to take the kids to the pumpkin patch to choose a pumpkin. Since we recently moved to Massachusetts, we had to find a new 'patch.' We were happy to discover that they have pumpkin farms in New England, as well as corn and apples. What we were not expecting to find was a blueberry patch! In September! The blueberries in Michigan are always done by mid-August. We continue to find wild blueberries in our yard, but I thought maybe they were a fluke. Apparently not. Cool!

The kids begged to pick some blueberries, which were absurdly expensive, so we let them pick a few. Jake was shoveling them into his mouth as fast as he could, and had a hard time understanding that he could NOT steal blueberries. He picks them in our yard, so the concept of paying to pick was lost on him.

"You open Your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing."

Psalm 145:19

What is this strange American tradition of riding in a wooden wagon that is pulled by a tractor? Whatever it is, we think it's F.U.N!

Not sure what everyone was staring at--and although they don't look like they are having fun, I assure you they were!

"I'm loving the idea of getting a pumpkin. Please don't make me share!"


And in other news....

Our remote has been missing for days and our VCR/DVD player hasn't been working for just about as long. After a fruitless attempt at finding the stupid remote, Jeff gave up and decided to fix the VCR instead.

He lifted the little door where the tape goes in, and guess what? The remote was inside. The usual band of suspects was questioned to no avail. It remains a mystery how the remote--and also a quarter--was found inside.

Our guess is that the culprit is none other than....


Kim K. said...

What a gorgeous day for a photo shoot. Your pumpkins and blueberries are stunning. I honestly thought all blueberries were done by August. I just love your Jake stories. How can you get mad at a face like that...hee hee.

Adeye said...

How fun! Looks like a day similar to the one we had a while back.

Stunning pics, as usual. You are SUCH a good photographer, friend!

Mom Of Many said...

What a perfect day you had -and to have blueberries now?? Really?? Wow!! Such a treat!

I love where the remote was hiding. He definitely looks the most suspect too!! Although I have to say, one time our portable phone was missing. We hunted high and low. No where! A few weeks went by and Abi came home from college for another visit. She walked in and handed me the portable phone. She had taken it back to college with her when it became buried in her suitcase. Awww thanks Ab, but couldn't you have called and saved us searching day and night, high and low?? ugh


Penny said...

Could have been worse, I pulled a moldy yucky PBJ out of ours once.

Gretchen said...

How fun! I wish we had Fally stuff to do here. It is my favorite time of the year (and I live in Florida..go figure).

Jean said...

Beautiful day at the pumpkin patch!! Love the pics! Your kids are as cute as can be!!

We thought we had a lost phone that was off the hook turns out a car hit the outside box and that was why we didn't have phone service for 2 WEEKS- ( it was a peaceful 2 weeks!). We were sure it was Anna - but I guess not!

So glad you found the remote!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Karin,
Speaking of beautiful pictures! I have loved your pictures of the kids with the beautiful landscape. I have a feeling I will just miss it. We won't be there until Oct.
25th. Would love to meet you.

Holly said...

Poor Jakey. Maybe your hubby did it to get some peace and quiet.
Okay, probably not!
Love the scripture from Psalms!
Blueberries are so good for you..I try to buy them twice a month and we put them in yogurt or pancakes!
I'm not sure which are cuter...the pumpkins from patch or the pumpkins from your heart. Oh wait, yes, of course I do...the ones from your heart of course!

Cari Bacon said...

Maybe your little culprit thought he had to pay for the movie just not the blueberries! :)

Angie said...

Oh, dear...sounds like you have a "culprit" just like we do...right, Charlie?

The Ferrill's said...

That VCR story had me cracking up!
I'm SO glad you posted pics of the pumpkin patch because it reminds me that we have a field trip there next week! Hooray! Your pics of the fall colors are breathtaking, Karin! I love it when the Lord takes my breath away with the fiery reds and oranges of fall!
Blessings to you!