Friday, September 18, 2009

Memorial Box Monday --on Friday :)

I am soooo not good with the posts that have to be on a certain day--because I just like to write what strikes me. When I have to wait for a certain day, I usually forget. :) So my Memorial Box posts will probably get posted any day of the week that I think of a story.


Today I was reminiscing about the time we were getting ready to travel to Guatemala for baby Jake. His adoption had been totally unexpected and only six months after Jordan's. To say we were strapped for funds was an understatement. We needed to purchase plane tickets and had three weeks notice--plenty of time to make plans.

A friend in our small group Bible study told me that she knew a pilot who worked for Spirit Airlines. She put me in touch with the pilot's wife, to see if she could get us some free passes to Guatemala. The pilots got a certain number of free passes per month and they are allowed to give them to friends or family.

The pilot's wife told me that Spirit did not have service to Guatemala yet, but it was supposed to be starting soon and she would call me back.

I gave her our travel dates--May 10-15.

She called back awhile later and said...are you ready?

The first day Spirit Airlines would offer service there would be....May 10th. :)

No way!!! Yep--God had a plan!

Then it got a bit more interesting... Spirit Airline has a policy that does not permit pilots to use their passes until a city has offered service for 60 days. So...that meant we could not use the free pilot passes. This precious family decided to plead our case to Spirit Air. The pilot went to the head pilot, who went to the Director of Operations at Spirit.

Well, that was all very exciting but time was ticking. Two weeks had gone by and we were now 7 days away from our departure date and we had NO PLANE TICKETS! Some people advised me to just go ahead and buy some tickets--that it would be horrible to wait and end up having to buy tickets with one or two day's notice. Or not be able to get any tickets and miss our appointment at the U.S. Consulate in Guatemala to process Jake's visa.

However, we just felt that God wanted to provide the tickets from Spirit, so we continued to pray that we would get them. My faith was stretched to the breaking point, I'll tell ya, because I am a planner. I like having things all planned out in advance...all my ducks in a row.

Another day passed...we were now six days away from departure. That evening the phone rang. It was our friend with news from Spirit Airlines.

Although they could not give us pilot passes (which would be a stand-by type of ticket), they decided--as a gesture of goodwill--to give us FREE TICKETS! read that correctly--FREE TICKETS!

The tickets were given in spite of the flight to Guatemala being sold out. We just praised God and were again, in awe of the One who moves on behalf of the orphans.


Kim K. said...

I just love happy endings and the power of the Holy Spirit. I have chills.

Adeye said...

woohhooo---LOVE a good God story!

Cindy said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing that amazing story of His hand in Jake's journey home! What a blessing!

Mom Of Many said...

I love the story!! And yes, waiting and trusting would have been killin' us too....but the Lord just loves to show off like that!! Yippee Jesus!

Holly said...

God's provision is always miraculous!!
Oh How He loves His children!!!