Wednesday, September 23, 2009

God's Artistry

Not the greatest photo--but the colors are so gorgeous that I posted it anyway

Photo of the bog near our house

Typical New England barn, which is also near our house

Did someone say, 'Berry picking?'

"Hand me a bucket and let's go..."

Kate is determined to put some berries in that bucket


"I think all this talk about putting berries in your bucket is highly over-rated. I prefer to eat my berries straight from the bush and wear my bucket on my head."


Kim K. said...

You fall foliage is amazing right now. Your kiddos certainly make everything exciting...even berry picking!! Hope you're having a good week!

Holly said...

Wow. So out in God's creation. Love it.
It was almost 90 degrees here today. ugh. But the winters here ROCK.
Thanks for your prayers. God is faithful..even on lonely nights.
Next month Ryan ships out?

Kimberlie said...

Oh how I miss the northeast and the beautiful fall colors! We are actually getting an early fall here in Oklahoma. It is easily 10-15 degrees cooler than normal. Yippee! Overall, a mild summer for us and for that I am truly grateful.

Of course, the most beautiful pictures are those of your precious children. What fun it must be to take in nature with them each day.

Adeye said...

Oh my gosh--I am longing for fall! It has missed us completely this year :( Snow, snow and more snow.

What stunning pics, friend.

~Cassie said...

It looks so beautiful there!! I want to come visit!!

Cari Bacon said...

Awe...too cute! I agree...who needs the bucket, just straight from bush to mouth.

Love the fall colors. In our area they are just starting to turn, but not as quickly as shown in your pictures.

BTW, I am just loving following Lori's travels with K and her daughter! I can hardly wait to hear more from her when they return!

Beautiful Mess said...

Wow! Beautiful! The kids and the scenery!

No beautiful colors like that in my neck of the woods (FL) yet.

Thank you for making me feel "fall" I love it!

Gretchen said...

I wish I was with you. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.

No fall here...just HOT and HUMID ...ALWAYS!!

Enjoy the weather for me.
Love you!

trustandobey said...

Are you in love with New England yet??? Please continue to post photos for those of us stuck other places who would consider a trip to your neck of the woods a VACATION SPOT to be envied!!

Amy said...

BEAUTIFUL. Your kids and nature.

Sharon said...

Karin, love the pictures! Kids are adorable as always. Our trees are just starting to turn here. Temps are in the 70's. Thanks for sharing!