Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rice and Beans

A bloggy friend of mine came up with the idea to collect money for orphans by eating rice and beans for dinner every night for a month. They will donate the money they save on dinners to a fund they have set up to help a family with the costs of adopting a child.

I thought this was a really cool idea but figured my kids would not go for it. Instead, I asked them if they would be willing to eat rice and beans one night a week for awhile and we could donate the cost of dinner to orphans or needy families.

The youngest eight were happy to do it. So today was our first night of rice and beans. Jeff is out of town so he escaped this first try. It actually tasted pretty good. The older boys opted out and ate something else (what party-poopers).

Surprisingly, Zoey and Kate, who are not picky eaters were not so fond of Mom's culinary excellence.
" we HAVE to eat this? Isn't there something else?

SaraGrace also thought the new dish was most unwelcome. Even Jake handing her a half-eaten apple didn't perk her up. (What's up with Jake and apples lately?) And is it me, or is the look on Kate's face priceless?

I asked them, "Who wants to have rice and beans again?!" Jake's hand shot up in the air and he said, 'Me! Me! I wike it."

It was a good opportunity to educate them on the fact that there are children in this world who would stand in a long line to have one meal a day consisting of rice and beans. It is quite sobering to think of how many little ones go to bed with a tummy that is aching with hunger. It is easy for us to eat rice and beans once a week to help fill those little bellies.

Thank you, God, for enough money to have full stomachs every night.


~Cassie said...

Kate doesn't look like she is enjoying it to much:) I knew someones else that was doing this to. the way I love your new header. How did you make it??

trustandobey said...

These pics are priceless. We all know exactly what your kids are thinking. You didn't need to add any comments below the photos.

Adeye said...

Oh that is absolutely classic. I LOVE the look on Kate's face. Priceless. So wonderful!!!

Thanks for the chuckle :)

Acceptance with Joy said...

TOOO funny. YOu have to eat beans and rice more often!!! LOL

Lori said...

I just love how you are able to capture your kids' expressions! Oh my gosh, those faces say it all!!

Such a great lesson...I would love to do that in our house. I can only imagine how the big boys would react...which means they would be the ones who need the lesson the most. But I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try it! Perhaps I will anyway.

Angie said...

Kate's expression is hilarious! I did beans and rice with my kids (hubby was also gone) a couple nights ago, too, more because I need to grocery shop. Everyone ate it except Charlie (imagine that). "I no like beans." Of course not, Charlie.

Kim K. said...

What a great idea. I think those same facial expressions would happen in our house too. We're doing something like that with the Mifan Mommy Club.

Cari Bacon said...

I am SO thankful for full stomachs because I don't like beans at all. I guess I would have to learn to like them if that was my only meal each and everyday.

I told my husband about the "rice & beans" challenge when I read it on the other blog. What a great teaching tool!

Shonni said...

So funny, but is a great teaching op.

Chris said...

Love your kids faces...did you get to eat or were you too busy taking pictures?
I told my kids we were going to do that and all but the oldest were in to it. Our problem is about 50# of newly dug potatoes are sitting in the basement...they only get wrinkly if you let them lay so we opted for eggs and potates or rice w/beans about 3 nites a week.
Spice up your beans w/ tomato sauce and chili powder and a bit of vinegar makes the beans tasty.

Amy said...

PERFECT. LOL And can I just admit I am making the same face tonight on day 17!!! :0((((