Friday, September 25, 2009

Doctor's office visit

SaraGrace had a check-up today (where we found out she is in the whopping five percentile for weight and height!). They had foam hand sanitizers hanging on the walls in many locations. As we were leaving, I saw one conveniently located near the exit. Great! I could go home germ-free.

The dispensers looked very similar to an upside down can of whipped cream. It had the little spout thingy pointed down. I looked at it...a bit unsure how to activate it. I decided to put my palm under it and pull forward.

To my horror, it sprayed toward me in--I kid you not-- a good two feet square area. I was plastered in white foam. It covered my navy blue shirt, my arms, my hair--even the BACK of my shirt. I started cracking up and made a hasty escape as the receptionist politely pretended not to notice. Yeah...she and the rest of the staff probably laughed until they peed their pants after I walked out.

I laughed all the way out to the car, with SaraGrace asking me, "Mommy, why do you look like you have snow all over you?"


Adeye said...

Oh no---that is tooooo funny. LOL!

If that happened to me--I think I would have died laughing. So would my kids!

Lynsay said...

Well we are obviously lots alike. I had the same experience when my Grandma got in a car accident while we were home. It is possible that I looked at the thing with a little more of an idea how to work it, but still, the results were the same, TWICE. I'm thinking that they weren't the best designed!

Jean said...

Too funny! My kids would have been laughing at me or hopefully it would have been laughing with me!!

Kim K. said...

Come on...where's your trusty camera for that adventure! Sounds like you are ready for the weekend!! Hugs.

Holly said...

Well how doofy is that? I'll bet they installed one there by the receptionist just for amusement's sake!
Good thing you have a sense of humor!

Angie said...

I bet they're replaying that surveillance video in the staff room for a good laugh! Hey...maybe you were on candid-camera and didn't know it!

trustandobey said...

Live and learn, Karin.
We have all had those moments. We just have to keep laughing.

Beautiful Mess said...

Had a similar experience but it was a three year old covered in foam--then the 7 year old filled his hand and clapped them--yep--Foam everywhere---not the best idea but the ER was sanitized after that ;)

Makin' memories!

Meredith said...

Where's the picture of that??!!! :)

Gretchen said... stomach hurts (I'm laughing so hard)!!

I can SEE you doing that!! How funny!! Wish I would have been there. We could have peed our pants together!!

Love you!

trustandobey said...

Thanks Karin,
In total disbelief over here. I really owe it to YOU. You are the one that introduced "I Heart Faces" to me in the first place:)
So, just another way "meeting" you has blessed my life.
I'm with your friend Meredith...wanna see a picture of the Dr's office mishap:)

Ohilda said...

OMG....TOO FUNNY!!!! I love those hand sanitizer machines, too. Wish I had one at home in every room.


Karin said...

No photo...sorry!! I did have the thought that it would make a great 'self portrait' shot, but of course, I didn't have my camera with me. Drat...