Thursday, September 10, 2009

Signs of Fall

We are seeing a few red leaves here and there, and there are many acorns all over the ground

A nearby horse farm

Same farm...

Needing to wear jackets outside during the day

Or sweatshirts!

Or just a big fake grin

No clue why I posted this. I just like pine trees.

The REAL reason that I hate winter...runny noses, coughs and the general ravages of the common cold. UGH!!

If there aren't any tissues worries...just slurp your snot.

Last year, I decided I was not going to pay the exorbitant prices for school pictures, but instead, take them myself. Today, I attempted to take photos of Zoey and Kate. Kate was sick, so she was not in the mood. Zoey was happy to oblige but I'm not sure I like any of these enough for them to be 'the one.' I haven't had time to fully edit them, though. Maybe I will like them better after I tweak them in Picnik.

Could you guys please give me a nice grimace? Ohhh, yeah. Thank you!

Not 'the one' but this is her favorite way to smile

Obviously not 'the one' but this is SO Zoey!


Angie said...

Colds hit us a couple weeks ago. Maybe you have something that works for you, but I found a vitamin through Sh*klee called Defend & Res*st. I'm tellin' ya...colds are gone FAST! And the sneezes that come with flying nose gunk...gone in less than a day! I think I'll be buying stock in this stuff since the two little ones are starting preschool.

Lori said...

Oh my stars! Those pics are adorable!! I love that last one especially, but they are ALL GREAT!

I'm soooo happy fall is in the air!! But yeah, I could do without the runny noses.

Mom Of Many said...

Sweet pictures. I miss the northeast...look at that architechture - gorgeous!! So New England!

And pine trees? My absolute favoritest - love, love, love the smell!! Would live in a pine forest if I could. xo

Gretchen said...

Love the pictures. Wish I was there! Jackets during the day?!? It is still in the 90's with HIGH humidity here!! YUCK!!

Penny said...

I think the last one of Zoey should be "the one"!

Sharon said...

Hi Karin,

We love all the pictures you post of the kids. So adorable!!! The only problem is it makes us miss you all the more! :)

Karin said...

Angie...I will have to give that a try for the kids! Thank you!!

Ohilda said...

What beautiful pictures. Oh my, and how I know with my little ones about "slurpin' that snot"...EWWWW!!!

Cari Bacon said...

Can you come back to MI and take my kid's school pictures?! :)

Your kiddos pics are sooo cute!