Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Thoughts and Photos

First, a little business.... I am wrapping up the blanket set fundraiser and will get the details to you soon (after I have my hubby check my sad math skills). The blanket sets can be an on-going fundraiser, so if you didn't get a chance to order, or if you want to order more, please let us know.

We are working to launch another project which I will be sharing with you soon so stay tuned... God is up to something again!


Now for fun! The weather is getting cooler--although we have still had the air conditioning on three or four days a week. The trees are just starting to change and they are getting very pretty. Every time the seasons change, I am in awe of the beauty God dreamed up. Did you ever stop to think about how much fun He must have had creating it for us? Did you ever do something for your child that you couldn't wait for him/her to see? Decorated a bedroom? Made a special craft project? A special dinner or cake? I can just visualize God making leaves turn red, yellow and orange for us. I overheard a woman talking to a friend the other day and she said,

"Did you see the maple tree at the center of town? Every year when it turns color and I am driving into town, I first see the church steeple...then the flag...then that tree and I just catch my breath at how beautiful it is."

I don't have a photo of that particular site--although I hope to go out and take some soon (sadly it's raining today and supposed to rain all week).

But I do have some other photos to share and I hope they put a smile on your face as you think about the God who loves you so much that He took the time to make your world look beautiful for you.







And now for some beauty of a different variety....








Kim K. said...

Beautiful pics. I've missed seeing your kiddos. You are such an amazing photographer.

Kimberlie said...

Beautiful! Just think this way about the rain. The more rain you get, the more vibrant the leaf colors will be. I can always tell when we have not had enough rain because our leaves in OK go from green to yuck brown without a whole lot of yellow, orange, or red. Not that we really get the vibrancy that you get in MA, but it's something.

I can't wait to hear the new project plans!

Sharon said...

LOVE the pictures!!! Especially the ones of the kids. Beautiful!!!

Lori said...

BRAVO to our wonderful Creator who made the most AMAZING displays of beauty we could ever imagine!!

Every pic absolutely DID put a smile on my face!

Thanks for sharing!

Lyn said...

Love the pictures! There is just nothing cuter than those sweet brown eyes!

trustandobey said...

Hi Karin,
Love the photos!The church steeple is SO New England!!! Wish we were there:) Still holding on to the hope of 2 weeks up there next summer with some good ole Karin home cookin!!!

Wife of the Pres. said...

Beautiful, simply and utterly beautiful.All of it! Thanks for sharing this post and the others which I'm catching up on.

Kristin Ferguson said...

Beautiful photos as usual Karin! I am quite sure that Heaven will be decorated in the colors of Fall!! We still have to use the A/C here in NC BUT, the winds of change are a-blowin' and this weekend might see a smile on my face and a lift in my step---FINALLY!!!