Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Morning Update!

As of 9AM, Friday morning, we have orders for 53 blanket sets!!

That means that with my husband's employer triple match, we are almost halfway to our goal of $5,000! Total amount raised for baby Joy is currently:


Thank you all sooo much for ordering and spreading the word! We will have another full day of sewing ahead of us as we 'batten down the hatches' for our first experience with a hurricane! We are an hour inland, so we won't be seeing the action that Cape Cod will be getting, though.


No Greater Gift Mom said...

Hip hip hooray!!
In Him,

Kimberlie said...

Great news about the fundraising! Praying for you about the hurricane. I can remember growing up in NJ and hurricanes coming but being fairly well inland we just got tons and tons of rain. For several days. You definitely won't want to be going out in it. It's good the kiddos have a project to keep them occupied and excited.

Debra Harrop said...

I would like to order a couple of sets. Something flowery or princessey (is that even a word?) would be nice. Please let me know if I'm going about this the right way!


Cari said... least the big girls have something to keep them busy during the bad weather!

trustandobey said...

This effort is completely awesome!!! Your girls must be just beside themselves.
ps-There is an email on the way.

Kim K. said...

I just posted about your fundraiser on my blog, Karin. Hugs!!