Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Goal has Almost Been Met!!!

Woohoo!! We are almost there! We have orders for 96 blanket sets!

That means we only need 3 more!

Who will put us over the top?!?!

We have some newly donated fabrics that we will be posting ASAP, so if you want to choose from one of them, just note that and you can wait to choose.

If we go over our goal, we will choose another orphaned child in China to donate the extra money to--there is a never-ending need.



Cari said...

what an amazing story unfolding...praise God!

Kathy said...

how fantastic!!! Could you have ever known when your girls started, just how this would unfold!!! God is good:-)

Adeye said...

Yayyeeeeee....Faithful God, friend. What a sweet testimony to His amazing GOODNESS your beautiful girls are experiencing. So wonderful.

trustandobey said...

Completely amazing, Karin!!!
(I am coming up there with fudge!)

JACKIE said...

Hey, Karin, how exciting for your girls to be witnessing God's amazing provision like this!!!

I was hoping maybe you could help me, too! My new business is sponsoring fundraisers for two families who will soon be on their way to China to get their precious little daughters. You can read all about it here:

Any free publicity you could muster up for this fundraiser would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!


Kristin Ferguson said...

Hey! I go away for awhile and I didn't even get to put my order in yet before you almost reached your goal! I want to order the last 3 sets!!!

I need to look over the fabric choices again but consider your goal met my friend!

What an amazing, God-honoring story!