Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Fun Incentive for You!

There was a bit of a lull in sales today so we scratched our heads to try to come up with a way to increase them so that baby Joy's surgery will be fully funded. Here is what we came up with...

We are going to offer a limited edition (as in only TWO) special Chinese silk blanket sets. They look red in the photo but they are actually fuschia. The back side of the blanket and pillow are both a light pink flannel. Baby dolls will look quite smashing lying in bed with this covering them up, don't you think? Hee! is how you can win one of these sets.

  • If you have a blog, post about the fundraiser and post the link to our blog. You will get 1 entry.
  • If you have a Facebook account, put a link to the blog and a personal sentence or two from you about the fundraiser. You will get 1 entry.
  • Send a personal email to 5 people about the fundraiser and you will get 1 entry.
That is a possible total of 3 entries. For those of you who do not have a blog or a Facebook account, you can get 1 entry for every 5 people you send an email to, UP TO 3 entries. is possible for everyone to have 3 entries. :) We wanted to make it fair.

After you are done posting or emailing, leave a comment on the blog or send me an email telling me how many entries you need to have credit for.

Jillian and Molly will each choose a winner on Saturday night (Sept. 4) at 8PM and we will post the winners names on the blog.

Best wishes and happy typing!!
Here are some pictures I took of the girls today as they labored over their project.

Some of the sets lined up with their future owners' info and waiting to be mailed.

Hand-sewing the pillow seams (those cups had a snack in liquids allowed in the sewing area!) Sewing makes such huge messes!

Stuffing the pillow

Some pillows waiting for blankets

***NEW*** Ladybug fabric. Blue will be blanket, pillow will be red/white polka dot

***NEW***Ladybug will be blanket, pillow will be red/white polka dot

As you might imagine, this project has gotten bigger than our wildest dreams. We have been buying the fabric and postage ourselves. As I continued to buy, I started to tell God that I was getting a bit nervous about the cost and could He please provide some help? I WILL NOT dip into the $11 profit for Joy. ALL of the money from the blanket sets will be for her.

And guess what?? No sooner had the words left my lips but I received two emails from friends who are quilters. They both have a lot of fabric that they don't need and wanted to know if we could use it!! Woohoo!!! It's on it's way!


When it gets here, I will post photos and we will switch over to that fabric. For the next few days, I will continue to purchase what we need to cover what we are offering here, unless you specify that you want to wait and choose from the newer fabrics that are coming. If you REALLY want one of the fabrics we are currently offering, don't wait! I may not offer them after the free fabrics arrive.

For those of you who are new to the blog, please keep scrolling down for choice of fabrics. You can use the Pay-Pal button on the top of my sidebar to place your order.


Holly said...

I already blogged about it :) I will also send a shout out on FB and will email it to our entire adoption group- so however many entries that gets me :) FUN!
I am praying for God to keep on supplying...and even a donation specifically to cover shipping :)

Michelle said...

I had already facebook about this and I have a order from that.I need a set of the Frogs and the blue ladybugs. I will send payment thru paypal in just a minute.Thanks

Christie said...


I came to your site through Holly's and just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for your family.

I look forward to following you from now on!

In Christ,

Kathleen said...

I am going to post this tonight on my blog and I would like to order 4 sets of blankets for my kiddos. They love to play with their dolls and we have four doll beds that need some sweet bedding. I need a cowboy one for my little guy and one set J please. I will wait in line for set H and I need two of those when you have them ready. This is a brillant idea and I love that your children are serving the fatherless along side of you.

Email me,
I will pay with paypal:)

Brian & Rachel Davis said...

I just placed an order - you can use the new fabric when it comes unless you have what I ordered already! Fun giveaway. I shared it on facebook already (yesterday?).

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I blogged about it here:

Angie said...

I blogged about it, and I emailed it to 40 people!! Go, girls, go!

Chris and Sarah said...

I am so excited Holly shared this on Facebook, what an awesome project.

I just shared it on Facebook and blogged about it.

2China4Ayla said...

Karin - I posted this on 3 yahoo groups, FB and on my blog. Hope it helps bring in some business. So excited to see God using your sweet children to serve other children...just blesses me to tears.

Tesseraemum said...

I posted a link on facebook. and I am placing an order! Do I tell you here or on paypal what colors we need?! Sheri

Mom to 8 said...

Posted to my facebook page, sending e-mails to friends & family. I think it is wonderful what you and the girls are doing for baby Joy! Praying that the surgery will be fully funded by the end of the day! You know we have an AWESOME GOD!
Blessings, Kim

Karin said...

There is a section on the PayPal page where you can give me instructions on which sets you would like. :)