Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Misc. stuff

For those of you who ordered blanket sets, they have all been completed and mailed (with the exception of one family who wanted theirs sent after they move, and the family who ordered 10 sets yesterday).

So...if you do not receive a blanket set from us within the next few days, please let us know. We hope there were no mistakes, but we might have made some.


So..the other night, Miss Zoey got a nosebleed. This is a fairly common occurrence when the weather gets cold and dry. However, this time it didn't stop.

I held and changed the wads of toilet paper many times and finally had one of the girls go get Jeff.

The bleeding just would not stop and it was coming out in pulsing spurts.

Jeff Googled ways to help, many of which we were already doing, but he finally decided to use the nose-pinching option. By this time, the blood was coming out of both nostrils and we had gone through almost an entire roll of toilet paper.

After pinching her nose completely closed for 5 minutes, blood started seeping out of her eye.

Oh, yes it did.

It was quite alarming, to say the least.


All in all, her nose bled for 30 minutes. For Pete's sake, I was thinking she was going to need a transfusion. ha. And let's just say that even though I have more padding now than I used to (sadly) the tile floor in the bathroom got very hard after awhile. Bless her heart, she whimpered a bit but never cried, even when her nose was completely pinched shut for 5 minutes and the toilet paper wad kept going into her mouth.

A Chinese friend of ours has a daughter with the same condition and recommended putting vaseline in her nose now that the weather has changed. So we are going to try that. I know we can get it cauterized at some point and may have to do that.


Cari said...

oh that poor girl {and Zoey}...hehe! I don't if I could have handled seeing that much blood especially starting to seep out of the eyes...whoa! Life's never dull is it?

Kristin Ferguson said...

You're certainly earning your honorary "Florence Nightingale" award lately. Have you been praying to develop a more compassionate heart with medical issues and kids? If so, STOP IT!!! ha ha!

Glad it all turned out ok.

Acceptance with Joy said...

Some say alfalfa tablets taken every day will help, and some say cayenne right on the spot will stop it immediately. I've seen the cayenne work. You may have to have the spot cauterized.

Kimberlie said...

Oh poor Zoey! My oldest gets frequent nosebleeds too though they have never lasted that long. This last time we went out and purchased saline solution and he faithfully puts it in each nostril every night. Like the vaseline, the lubrication seems to help. We might try the vaseline trick since he really doesn't like the saline.

Frankly, I am so glad you posted this AND mentioned that another Ch*nese child has this problem. I was really starting to worry my son had a serious problem as it will just spontaneously start bleeding. It's comforting to know it might be more common than I thought. :)

Jean said...

Oh my- the poor dear girl-
does she have an infection in her nose where maybe she would need an antibiotic ointment? You have scabs and large blood clots coming out- yeah, I know sounds pretty doesn't it!

I have allergies and had one and Sarah came home from China with one - I used the ointment for her too and it worked great!!

Kim K. said...

We love our blanket sets. Please thank your girls. Josie has the same issues with severe nose bleeds (although we've never had it coming out of her eye...yikes). She has been cauterized twice. Our doctor has also suggested a vaporizer at night now that the weather is changing. Extra hugs to Zooey!!!

Lori said...

Oh, that's awful!! Brenden gets nosebleeds like that too around this time of year...although I'm not sure that they've ever been THAT bad. Yikes.

Tesseraemum said...

Poor baby. You are both so brave! I would have completely freaked with the eye thing! In fact, I'm a little twitchy now just thinking about it! Sheri

Holly said...

poor baby. :( Josiah gets them too but not that bad. someone told me there is a pressure point on the gum line under the nose...to put pressure there next time he gets a nosebleed. Hmm...will let you know if we try it successfully!

Kathleen said...

My blankets are here and I have tucked them away for Christmas. They are beautiful and tell the girls a big thank you from me. I have been thinking about Zoey...praying for her:)

David and Janet Hurley said...

Bless her heart! I would have beenfreaking out!--she has such a great mom=).
I tried to find Jake's post, where you found out about his eye condition.....was it aniridia?? If so, can you contact me please.

shopnewskool said...

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momof3darlings said...

My Brooklyn gets frequent nosebleeds (sometimes as many as 5-7 a week) and sometimes they can last a long time too.

We did the vaseline thing, and if the nose bleeds are caused by dry nasal passages, this will help.

However, for Brooklyn, hers are due to an overdose of Vitamin C. Yes, that can happen. LOL She would drink a lot of juice, not enough water, and then every snack she enjoys has gobs and gobs of 100% Vitamin c in it.

So, if the vaselin doesn't help, try looking into her Vit C intake.

Donna said...

Karen, They actually sell a nose clip for this, and it works quite well. Additionally, the next time use gauze instead of toilet tissue, but first soak the gauze in Affrin, and make sure to get it far enough into her nose to get the Affrin on the vessel that is bleeding. We have been through this with my husband after open heart surgery, and first time, I was so scared by the blood squirting out that I called 911. Never had I seen so much blood come out of someone's nose. By the time the ambulance came, it looked like a massacre had taken place in my bathroom and kitchen, as it started in the kitchen after sneezing, and then he ran to the bathroom. What a mess in between.

mncfi said...

Zhi Xia gets nosebleeds too - our doctor prescribed an ointment with a cortisone/antibiotic mix to be applied sparingly for 2-3 days when she has a cold or in dry conditions. It seems to work. We haven't had to use it often.