Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Two-Coka-Cola Day

Yep--a slightly bedraggled but two-fisted, Coka-Cola lovin' Mama survived the day yesterday

Ya didn't end with the dog eating the kids' lunch.

After watching them try to make a 'trampoline' with the couch cushions, I thought it might be fun to go to lake. After all, it was 93 degrees.

So I loaded them up and took them out of our comfortably air conditioned house (which I was sooo grateful for).

This was my first mistake.

My second mistake was deciding to check out the beach portion of 'da dake.' We normally use the boat launch because it's accessible but maybe...just maybe the beach would be open. The gate was open and there was some yellow tape across it but it just said 'wet paint.'

So...obeying the letter of the law (it didn't actually SAY we couldn't use the beach--it just warned us about the paint, which was already dry), we headed down to the sandy area.

And the kids loved it!

For five minutes.

And then the you-can't-have-any-fun-because-I-take-my-job-so-seriously park ranger drove up and yelled at us to leave. Yes. He yelled. "I can't have you down there with no lifeguard, especially with all those kids!" Yep...the kids were up to their ankles which must be seriously dangerous.

The kids were all disappointed so I told them I would take them over to the boat launch. They had fun but it is rocky which hurts their little piggie toes. It was certainly not like the lovely sand which we could see only about 200 tantalizing yards from us. Oh...and we could also see the family who came AFTER us who went swimming. Barney Fife never made an appearance to kick them out, however.

Finally, the inevitable happened...Zoey and Kate slipped on the rocks and sat down in the water, much to their dismay. They had to ride home soaking wet and stinking like fish. But...I saved the day with a stop at McDon*ald's for some ice cream. ahhhhh....
"My wailing has become somewhat fake, but I'm not quite ready to give it up."

So, I had two Cokes and a hot fudge sundae yesterday. A bit of a sugar overload, wouldn't you say?

And then, my sweet Ryan sent me a text saying that he failed his PT run again. He is bummed. He is having trouble breathing and there is some suspicion that he has developed asthma from his bout of pneumonia a few months ago. He is supposed to get it checked out tomorrow. If he has asthma, it is an automatic medical discharge. If he doesn't have asthma, he gets one more chance next week to pass the run.

It is comforting to leave his future in God's hands--knowing that God will direct his steps and lead him where He needs Ryan to be.
Since it was so hot, we went back home to enjoy our A/C.

meant I was able to do a lot of this...

And then I finished out the day by noticing this...
Can you guess what it is?

Hint #1: the photo is of a window in our kitchen.
Hint#2: the window is low to the ground
Hint#3: it's near Jake's chair

And the answered revealed???

SOMEONE licked the window and that is a tongue print.
Today we are off to Chloe's field day and I'm thankful that it is NOT going to be 93 degrees!


Angie said...

"All those kids," huh? Probably thought you were on a field trip! Thanks, Barney!

Kristin Ferguson said...

McDonald's sundaes are my 2nd drug of choice coming in behind the ultimate STARBUCKS! I always get extra fudge too!!! (Can't believe they make you pay for it now). :(


Ally said...

sounds like you have a case of the "never a dull moment" in your house too. It keeps us young:)

Holly said...

God love you and bless you Karin. You are one special Mama!!
Praying for Ryan....God's will...because I? might have a hidden motive, being a Mom myself and all.
I know all to well about those runs. Have a hubby who struggles too.
I would so never get accepted into the Army. They would LAUGH at me before I even signed anything!
Nope. Not this wimpy, overly sensitive, out of shape, idealistic, 8 hours of sleep needin Mama!!
Hugs to you...have a coke or three. It'll be okay!

Mary McG in TN said...

If Ryan has developed asthma, it is God's way of keeping him out of danger. God knows what he is doing.

My husband was a Marine, developed asthma in CA and medically discharged. If it had not been for his discharge, I would never have met him! This was during Vietnam and I do not believe that he would have made it. (Too gung-ho)

This is our 2nd marriage and we were meant to be. He is totally my soul mate. We have been married 25 years, he is now 71 1/2 years young and yes, the spring and fall are hard on him ... but we make it through.

What am I trying to say? Hmmm, LOL , Ryan will be fine which ever direction this takes. Personally, for Ryan, I pray for the asthma. There is a lady out there that needs him, and him a lady whenever God brings them together.

Chin up, Ryan ... it really is OK.

Kimberlie said...

You are doing a lot better than I did when Paul went to Australia and left me with only 3 children. And, I say "phoo-ey to you Mr. Park Ranger!" What a wet blanket - ha-ha. I hear ya about the heat. The only thing I can say is that it was 96 degrees today and I sympathize completely.

That reminds me, I have to get the wet bathing suits and towels out of the bag so we can go under the sprinkler tomorrow. :)

trustandobey said...

I doubt that Ryan truly has asthma, he probably just hasn't been able to completely heal from the pneumonia. That is my guess , anyway. On the brighter side, how lovely to have him home again!!!! God will put him where He wants him.
ps-Let us know when the new mailbox is up and working.

Kim K. said...

I seriously love your adventures. It definitely sounds worthy of at least 3 cokes and some BIG ice cream. Poor Ryan. Please continue to keep us all posted. Best wishes with the move. I seriously don't envy all the packing and unpacking.

Cari said...

you should be on a reality show! i would totally watch it, but umm i'm not laughing or anything like that..hehe...whoops that slipped! :)

Gotta love a nice cold coke!

ιŸ‹δΊŽε€«ζˆ said...
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olivia said...

First of all... My husband now "gets" why I love my bloggy friends!... Pepsi is my go to special friend! Second, I'm praying for God's will for Ryan. I'm sure he is disappointed after all of his hard work. He has been through the fire and will be stronger for it. Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for him. Third, Jake is totally just like my Olivia! Umm, yea, when Olivia was in kindergarten all of the teachers knew her as well most of the 5th graders! Olivia has a friend who was adopted from Guatemala and she had a was Olivia and 3 Guatemalan princesses. According the the mom Olivia was sedate compared to the other 3! I laughed!! Really! What do they say about that latin blood?! Sheri

Jean said...

Even if it is near Jakes chair- it doesn't mean he did it. We need a dna sample to find the guilty party! I've never seen a tongue print- thanks for sharing!

Sorry about that mean park ranger- he's no fun at all...

Sounds like you needed two cokes! Enjoy!!

You have a preschool class right at your house!!