Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Mommy Rant

Just skip this post if you want to labor under the incorrect assumption that I have it all together and never lose it. hahahahahaha

For starters, Jeff left for Italy on Sunday afternoon and will not be back until Friday night. 'Nuf said.

And of course there have been a bazillion school activities to attend.

And we're still trying to move.

Today, the carpet cleaner guy was coming at noon. SaraGrace is being tested for learning disabilities and school staff requested that she stay after school for the test. She goes to morning kindergarten, so we needed to make her a lunch and then I would pick her up around 1:30PM.

The carpet guy called and said he was running late and would be there about 12:30. biggie.

I sat the kids down for their yummy chicken nugget lunch when the phone rang. It was the school. Something had come up and they were not going to be able to test SaraGrace today. Could I please come and pick her up immediately?

It was 12:05.

The kindergarten bus leaves the school at 12:00. I guess the emergency had come up between 12:00 and 12:05 (she says sarcastically....)

So...could I make it back in time to let the carpet guy in? It would be cutting it close. I told the kids to leave their lunches on the table and get into the car. Jake couldn't find his shoes. I told him to just GO get in the car. (OK...I kind of yelled. Kind of in a stressed-out, I don't have time for this nonsense kind of way. I'm not proud of it.)

It is 90 degrees here today with high humidity. Since the school parking lot is inconveniently located too far from the front door to leave the kids in the car, I had to get all of them out of their carseats to go into the school to get SaraGrace. Urgh. Since Jake had no shoes, I had to carry him. As we exited the car, I noticed Jordan was wearing these...
And here I must deviate from my sad tale of woe to say that there is NO WAY I am letting my kid--especially a boy--go anywhere in socks and sandals. I do have some pride. If it is hot enough to wear flip-flops or sandals, for goodness sakes, do NOT wear socks. It looks absurd. We stopped long enough for him to remove the offending socks.

Needless to say, we were all sweaty by the time we got into the school. I love to sweat. Not.

I herded everyone back out to the car. There was lots of complaining about being hungry and hot. The kids complained a little, too. hee. was 12:20. I could probably make it home before the carpet guy.

Alas, as I pulled up, he was standing in the driveway looking sweaty and annoyed. Sigh... who could blame him? I'm sure he couldn't figure out why I didn't mention that I had to be gone at 12:25 when he called at 11:45 to tell me he was on his way.

SaraGrace helped the kids out of their car seats as I dashed inside to let the carpet guy in the front door.

And then I heard it. It was a wail not unlike the Who's down in Whoville.

"Mooooommmmmmm....Ginger ate our lunch!! Ginger aaaaatttttteeeee our luuuuunnnnch. Our chicken nuggets are gone."

And it was true. To borrow a line from "A Christmas Story..." The heavenly aroma still hung in the house. But it was gone, all gone!

No chicken lunch.

I seriously considered dropping that dog off at the pound. This is not her first petty crime of the week. Grrrr....

So...I got the kids a new lunch and then went for my elixir of happiness....

Ahhhhh....Coke. In a glass bottle. There is just nothing better (except fountain Coke from McDon*lds). I might need two today.

Is it nap time yet?


Holly said...

If I laugh it's only because I relate. Okay, I don't have a handful of 3 year olds running around or are they four now? sorry!
I can relate to no daddy around to help! Too bad we don't live closer!
Big hugs!

Stefanie said...

Oh my, I can relate TOTALLY!!
Hang in there and know you are NOT alone! We're DYING with this heat and we have NO A/C!! We're all SO snappy and irritated with each other... is it the weekend yet?!?

Cari said...

awe...bless your heart, Karin! I just dread days like that and I don't have as many kiddos in tow as you do. I think you should have THREE cokes today and sneak a Hostess cupcake at bedtime after the kids are in bed {just let it melt in your mouth}...not that I've ever done that before....hehe!

Cindy said...

Laughing here too! I've been in your shoes, usually I leave a note by the door "be right back, please wait!"
We've got more rain here today in CA, wish we had some of your sunshine and heat! Our first May since 1971 that we haven't hit 90 degrees any day this month, our pool isn't even summerized yet, where is our spring?

Thanks for the visual story and sharing your fun day! Enjoy that coke!!!

Kim K. said...

I'm suppose to be paying attention to my class this afternoon in a computer lab. I'm sneaking blogs. THIS TOTALLY MADE MY DAY!

trustandobey said...

Reading this made me tired...going to lay down.

Lori said...

Ok, this is hilarious! And soooo something that would happen to me.

Coke from McD's...priceless! And yes, from a glass bottle is a close second.

I'll be sure to check your blog frequently for more happenings until Jeff gets back! You will no doubt have more to report to us. Hee.

Gretchen said...


What a DAY! And it is only half over!

I laugh because I have been there!

Angie said...

I'm so with ya, friend! We're on our own, too, this week, but unlike you...I'm not brave enough to tell what's happening! Praying for your dog...:)

sara said...

oh my word, Karin you deserve that coke! Me? I would have added something to it....just sayin' :)

Jean said...

Ha- sorry about the craziness but I loved reading about it!

Sometimes I feel a need to explain myself and then I just look at the face of the other person and think "oh forget it, they won't understand"- I'm guessin that's the case with the carpet cleaner!

I'm sorry I derived such pleasure from your misfortunate day - but it was funny!

Lyn said...

Yes mam sister Coke is from Atlanta!!! We are Coke drinkers in this house! Especially in 90 degree heat. You're talkin my language. I'm glad to know there is coke in Boston! BTW, I love the socks with flip flop it's very Japanese, oh way a minute he is Chinese American! It still works because he is too cute!!Praying for an easy day tomorrow.

Sharon said...

SOOO sorry you had such a HORRIBLE day!!! It does make me feel better though to know I'm not the only one that gets frustrated and loses it from time to time! Better days are coming! I guess that's what keeps us going. Hang in there!!!

Jaime said...

Ohhhhh . . yes like so many other moms here, I can so relate as well. I have turned into a single mom during the week + end of school insanity = one very stressed out mama. I can only hope your day got better after this and your carpets are awesome!!