Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ryan News

Sorry to be absent lately, but it's been a busy week! I am still working on a post about the workshop, but we are in the throes of moving, so my time is extremely limited.

We just got news yesterday that Ryan will be depl*yed to Korea! We are unbelievably relieved that he isn't going to a w*r zone. He still hasn't passed his PT run, so we are praying hard that he will. If he doesn't, he will be held over and possibly depl*yed to a different location.


Sharon said...

SO glad to hear this news!!! What great news for you all that Ryan won't be going to a war zone. Hope he passes his test soon.

Lori said...

This is such great news! God is so good!!

Holly said...

Wow. 1 year or 2?
What a great reason to VISIT :)
We have considered a command sponsored (means family comes too) tour to S. Korea..but God hasn't opened that door yet. He knows what he's doing.

sara said...

I know you are relieved!! Still praying he will pass!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for Ryan!

We lost one more Youth to the w*r zone. One of our very favorite young men left this morning for Afghan. :( Pray for Seth! He's an incredible young man!

trustandobey said...

Praises!!! Let us know his new address when he gets it. I would love to have letters awaiting him in Korea:)

~verna said...

Hi there. Sorry to be off topic here but Kim Kenward told me that you have a child who had the Fontan procedure. I would like to ask you a little bit about that. Please email me at verna1960 @ yahoo dot com Thank you.

Adeye said...

Yipeeeeeee, friend, that is such amazing news! Boy your mommy heart must be relieved!

I have soooooo missed keeping up with your sweet family.

Meredith said...

Wow! That's great to hear! Korea would be a neat place to go and ...SAFE!!!!
Hope moving goes well!
Love to you all! :)

Gretchen said...

I am praying that he passes!