Saturday, May 01, 2010

Moving and my Tired Bones

Can bones be tired? Mine feel like they are. We spent the day over at our new house, deciding what to do first. Deciding is more exhausting than actually DOING something.

So I went shopping.

It's more fun.

We needed stuff anyway.

Seriously, Jeff sent me to Lowe's for some things he needed so that he could stay at the house and continue to decide what needed to be done. He has a large project to figure out and it is going to take some serious brain power to plan it all out. I know he will do a great job, because he is amazing at things like that.

When I got back, the kids were playing outside.

In the dirt.

Because there is no grass yet.

We are moving into a brand new house and the grass will be planted in the next few weeks (we hope).

We had brought their bikes over but had forgotten the basket of indoor toys that we had painstakingly chosen for the day.

So what else is there to do but play in the dirt?

You'll all be happy to know that Jake quickly christened the new bathroom by peeing all over the floor. Thanks, Jake. In his defense, he usually does pretty well. Not sure what happened today.

The teenager willingly went to work putting together some bookshelves. He has now become acquainted with directions whose pictures do not match, therefore necessitating re-doing a project two or three times. Poor kid! He hung with it though and didn't even kick anything. He was a big help!

I should have taken more photos today but I didn't, so the teenager will have to do.


Holly said...

Yippee! Brand new houses are fun :)
Lots of firsts!
Wish we lived closer...I would love to come over and pray through that house with you and annoint it and ask the Lord to fill it with His Spirit and bless it and all who will enter :)

Adeye said...

Yayyeeee, a new house for your precious family. How fun, my friend. You are NOT alone in the moving thing. You just don't have as far to go as I do :)

Love you heaps

trustandobey said...

I have yet to really have to move in my adult life, but it just looks like so much fun!!! Best wishes in getting settled in. Are you any closer to NC (even 15 minutes is something).

sara said...

just saying the word "moving" makes me break out in a sweat.

way to go Taylor!!!

Kim K. said...

After our construction project, I don't ever want to even think about moving or packing ever again. Better you than me...hee hee!!! Best wishes. Bring on more pics! I can't wait to see the new place.

Kristin Ferguson said...

Everything in my house is coated with a layer of sheet-rock dust as we're in the middle of renovating--not sure if that's worse than moving but I'm thinking right now it is. :)

Tell Taylor he's a the man!!!


Kristin Ferguson said...