Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"The Faster I Go...

...the behinder I get." Amish proverb

That pretty much sums life up for me right now. We are living in our rental home and trying to move things over to the new house. There is no grass yet at the new house, so the kids inevitably end up in the dirt (ie: filthy from head to toe). I try to keep them outside so they don't track in. You can imagine how well that goes.

Last night we got an email saying that the owners of our rental had changed their plans. They are no longer planning to move back into the house, but decided to put it on the market. They listed it yesterday. Nice. They were 'thoughtful' enough to say that showings wouldn't start until the end of this week.

Just shoot me now!

There are boxes everywhere. I have taken most of the pictures off the walls. Let's just say it doesn't exactly look like the cover of Better Homes and G*rdens in here.

Between running to the house and running to the doctor with kids who are STILL coming down with strep, I am meeting myself coming and going!

After a stressful weekend, I decided that the kids needed a break from my grumpiness, so I took them to the lake. We had fun, although the water was too frigid to play in. They love to throw rocks and sticks, make leaf boats and accidentally splash the girls.

I had hopes of getting all the photos edited but yeah....that isn't going to happen. I know it's totally uncool for photographers to share unedited photos but alas, I do not have time to edit all of these.

Ohhh yeah....my rock made a big splash!
Katie...look at mommy for a minute so I can capture your cuteness.
Let's walk to the other side of the lake. (Jillian was home from school with strep, which is why she went with us.)
"Ohhh, mom...wook at dat cool twee!"
"I donna beat you, Zoey!"
"But I have a bigger wock, Dakie."
Jake and Zoey spent nearly the whole time running back and forth with rocks to chuck into the water. They weren't satisfied with pebbles. They had to be ROCKS.
These two have a special bond of being from the same orphanage and sometimes are the best of buds.
Miss Kate, ever serious, contemplates her next move.
Now this is an example of hugging someone's neck.
Kate always brings up the rear and I asked Jordan to help her. The two of them were SO cute. Jordan carefully helped her over every log and patiently waited for her whenever necessary.
"Be careful, Katie."


Heather Thompson said...

Adorable pictures!!! No editing necessary;) Good luck on the moving and house showing... we moved almost three years ago and I dread ever doing it again!

trustandobey said...

So, did the outing help with the grumpiness? Hope so, sometimes just removing ourselves from the situation for a little while does wonders. Even if it didn't, you made some nice memories....
Praying for your perseverence!

Lori said...

So sorry about your moving fiasco! Wish I was there to help. Maybe. I'd at least love to bring you a Starbucks!

I love seeing pics of your kiddos again. It's been a while!

You edit your photos? Is that why you always looks so fresh and young? I'm onto you, girl. You're really a saggy 85 year old, aren't you?

Good for you!

Kim K. said...

Best wishes trying to move and stay on top of your kiddos too. I really don't know how you do it all. Hugs!

Holly said...

Girl, seriously. I couldn't tell that you hadn't edited them.
I am so NOT pro.
And I am content to be mediocre at best!
I truly truly understand the faster I go statement. More than you know.
I keep thinking I need to go computer free...but I have no friends but ya'll!

brunkfamily said...

Hi Karin! I know you don't have time for this....but would you PLEASE tell me what kind of camera you have. I'm camera shopping. I know you said yours seemed like a "toy" compared to those at the workshop, but your pictures are soooooo good. What do you recommend?

Karin said...

I have a Canon Rebel XS--bottom of the line. It was about $500. If I was doing it over (and knew I was going to love photography so much) I would save up for a higher end model. But if you just want to shoot some nice clear pics of your kids, that's what I would recommend. I also have a zoom lens (that is just so-so,not sure I would recommend it) and a 50mm lens (the cheap one, under $100). The 50mm is AMAZING! I love it! It gives those nice close-ups and sweet bokah (blurring) behind the person. It takes some getting used to because it's a fixed lens and doesn't zoom at all. There are two 50mm lenses, one is over $1000, I think. :) Obviously, I don't that one. LOL

Tesseraemum said...

I love your pics! I don't think you needed that workshop! You were a pro before! We are in the process of moving right now too! My husband informed the 13 year old that the next time the stuff is moved he will be doing it because we will be moving the the cemetery!! Umm, yea, the 13 yr old turns 13 Sunday, the day after we move the big furniture. Dear hubby thinks it will be fine to have the family birthday at the new house! Sure! No problem! We have had one walk thru at our place but thankfully I think our landlord has found someone who wants the place but won't move until their house sells! I thought having the entire month to move would be a good thing but I am having second thoughts!!! Sheri

Kristin Ferguson said...

Beautiful pictures so stop apologizing silly!! Besides, you have your priorities straight--having fun with the kids, taking care of their needs, and moving. Thanks for the reminder! Off to play a game with mine now!!!


Cindy said...

Jordon's getting so tall! Love the pictures of all the kiddos, Katie is so precious in her red hairbow.

Enjoy the move into your new home, I guess since you have the excuse of moving and packing boxes the families viewing your "old" home should just understand and see past it. Sorry about the news of having it for sale now, at least you have your new home to decorate! (and landscape?)

Busy here too w/ end of the school fun...and waiting for our TA for our little Channing!

Adeye said...

They put the house on the market while you're moving out? Not smart. Definitely a "How NOT to sell your house."

Beautiful pics, sweet friend. Just stunning.

志名 said...
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Sharon said...

Love the pictures!!! The kids are growing and changing SO much, but adorable as always!

Sorry things are so stressful right now. Soon this will be behind you and you will be in YOUR new beautiful home.

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVED the proverb you posted! LOL I so completely understand! It's funny, I work 2 jobs, 1 being 10 hours a day, and yet, I find myself with more and more and more stuff to do....I LOVE my church, but right now, MOST of the "more" to do is coming from there! LOL I need a looooooong vacation with no worries...

Which is exactly what your photos do. They transform me into the lives of your children. I LOVE them! The way you take the photos is just gorgeous, it makes us feel like a part of your family. I'm going to vacation to YOUR house I think! LOL

(meant in the LEAST stalker-ish way. LOL)