Tuesday, May 25, 2010

End of the School Year Activities

It has been a whirlwind around here with end-of-the-school-year activities. Concerts, field trips and field days have converged to make my weeks rather full.

Last week, I was able to go with Jillian on a very cool field trip to Boston. Good thing it was a great place because apparently, 5th graders still want their mothers to accompany them, but it is totally uncool to have any interaction with them whatsoever. What's that about? I sat alone on the bus. I sat alone at lunch. Hmmmm.... So did the other mom's...each of us glancing awkwardly at our children, wondering if we should impose ourselves on them or give them space. Finally we resigned ourselves to the fact that we were relegated to the fringe of the group and began talking to each other. One other mom and I were the camera fiends in the group and kept lagging behind trying to get our perfect shots. ha. We had a great guide who took us on the Freedom Trail. He was a descendant of Paul Revere, so had a passion for the stories of Boston during the Revolutionary War. I highly recommend bringing your children to Boston if you can ever make the trip. It's so full of history, which our kids need to know. So many brave men and women risked, or gave, their lives to make this country free. We need to remember what they were willing to die for...what they were trying to escape in Europe.

The Freedom Trail starts at Boston Common

Qaint outdoor market

I am embarrassed to admit that I have forgotten which building this was--but I think it was the Old South Meeting House.

"It all started here." The Original Boston Tea Party in 1773

Some British soldiers happened by during our lunch at Quincy Market.

Jillian was chosen to wear this circa 1773 bonnet.

Statue of Paul Revere with the Old North Church spire in the background, where the lanterns were hung as a warning of the British plan to come by sea.

Also last week was an adorable concert put on by the 1st grade. Miss Chloe was a very cute ladybug.

She had a short speaking part.

Miss Katie-bug couldn't find her other flip-flop, so made do with one that was completely different. Nice.

This week, Molly had a recorder concert. She loves playing it and has done a lot of practicing.

Molly catches sight of her family

She and two other friends played a special song.

Jake, following in his sister's footsteps, dashed out to the car before I had a chance to notice a two things about him. One: he was wearing unmatched flip-flops.

Two: his shorts were on backwards.

I'm pretty sure it ruins my chances for that elusive mother-of-the-year award.


Kimberlie said...

So much fun! The end of the year stuff can get overwhelming can't it? I wondered to myself, "why couldn't they have just spread this out over the last two months instead of the last two weeks so we could actually enjoy each activity?" Instead I felt like I was just running from one thing to the next and checking them off my to-do list. Not a way to truly enjoy. But now that is all over. Today was the first official day of summer vacation and I could not be HAPPIER. We immediately implemented "Summer Rules" and we all had a great day. In addition, I actually had three helpers sorting and folding clean laundry. Oh how I love summer! :)

James, Dawn and Family said...

I'm cracking up. Sofi has to match from head to toe but not Lize. We often have 2 diff shoes, wrong size clothes or insideout or backwards, sunglasses upside down...the laughter and looks never end. If I try to fix it, she tells me " I dood by ny shelf ". Go figure. I'll have lots of pictures for her husband someday.

Angie said...

We would love to travel through Boston. We love history...only because I'm catching the history bug from Jacob. How can a mom who loathed history in school have a son who can't get enough and can remember all the details?? And the little ones? Well, they just give you lots of fun photos to blog!!

Kristin Ferguson said...

I think you get grandfathered in for the Mother-of-the-Year award every year because of the AMOUNT of children you have!!! :)

Looks like you're busy and having lots of fun too! Bring on summer vacation I say!!!


Sharon said...

I cannot believe all the activities the school has come up with here to end the year! I have to make lists everyday for both kids so I don't forget anything. I know...most of my problem is just getting too darned old to remember anything!!! Now we just got another paper yesterday that baseball day is being added to the already fun filled schedule! Well, at least the kids are having fun and we have the summer to look forward to!!!

Loved the pictures! The kids are SO cute and funny!!!

trustandobey said...

There has to be a rogue gene in Guatemalan kids that affects how you put clothes and shoes on. Kate puts her shoes on backwards almost 100% of the time.
Looks like a fun time in Boston! LOVE it there. We have been to so many of the same spots and have the same photos. How cool to have a P.R. relative lead you around!

Kim K. said...

Oh my! I just love all your pictures. I don't know how you've had time to breath, let alone volunteer for a school field trip. You'll always be worthy of mother of the year award, even your kiddos footwear doesn't match. Hee hee.

Lyn said...

You are doing better than me!! You are blogging through your busyness. I love that Jakey boy and his shorts. Looks like my house!! Leaving for Boston on Wed!!