Friday, May 28, 2010

Field Day for 1st grade

Yesterday was Chloe's field day and the little kids all wanted to go hang out to watch. Thankfully it was only in the 70's.


This is all quite fascinating but are we going to get some kind of treat when it's over?

Mmmmmm....snow cones (which sent the little kids into a flurry of whining because they didn't get one)

It's kind of hard to run a relay with a snow cone in one hand

After field day was complete, the little kids wanted to play on the playground. The look on Jake's face should strike terror into the hearts of any of his future teachers.

This sweet little guy, not so much.

After school the three big girls and I headed to our weekly errand duty at Target. It's a duty we take seriously. TJ M*xx is next door and we decided to make a quick run in there to check on something I needed. But gasp...there were clearance items. Nice ones. We snagged an adorable little coat for Kate for a pittance. Woooo!

When we got home, Jillian tried it on Kate. Swoon! She was so cute! Must take photos. Must take photos.

Hmmm...need to brighten this photo a bit but don't have time right now
This one, too.


~Cassie said...

Oh my that coat has got to be about the cutest thing I've ever seen ! =D

trustandobey said...

Maybe I will stop in TJ Ma** soon.
That snowcone looked good too!!!
Glad to see everything coming to a close for your crew. Today was our last day of school too. (Any moment now those stellar fundraising ideas are going to come pouring out me now that school is off my plate!)

Kristin Ferguson said...

I love the last photo with the band-aid on her leg! Oh yes, the coat is ultra-cute as well! :) End of school around here as well although technically, my kids have been self-schooling throughout this entire adoption.

Have a great weekend!

Kim K. said...

I laughed out loud when I read the Jake comment (about striking fear)...hee hee. What an adorable coat. I just love all those pictures...especially the band aid picture. Too sweet. That picket fence adds a nice touch too. Just perfect. I'm glad to know that Target is an addiction that others share too (smile).

Jean said...

Chloe is adorable at her field day!! Hope she had fun! How wonderful that you could all go watch her!!

The coat is to die for! Katie is adorable in it! What a great model she is and the bandaid- it's the perfect accessory! It completes the look!

LedaP said...

Cute pics!