Thursday, May 06, 2010

Memorial Box Post on Thursday

The person who started Memorial Box Monday would probably be so frustrated with me because I almost NEVER post on a Monday. I have to post as it happens otherwise I will forget. I'm forgetful that way...and the whole POINT of a Memorial Box, is to REMEMBER. ha. I blame it all on menopause. I forget stuff. Important stuff. It isn't pretty.

Moving on to the point of this post....

The last year or so, the teenager has been testing the waters of personal freedom. They all do. It's not like I didn't know it was coming. I have been attempting--unsuccessfully--to explain that we will give him freedom in increments. If he handles it well, he'll get a little more.

It is all completely lost on him.

He thinks we are too strict.
I understand. I really do. Surprisingly, I actually remember what being a teenager was like.

Rather vividly.

So lately, I have been praying that God will explain this to my teenager in a way that he will understand. That some rain would fall to soften his heart.

That's kind of a scary prayer because as we all know, rain falls on the just and the unjust--and I prefer sun. So I wondered if I should start avoiding him so that the rain didn't fall on me as well as the teenager. Ha.

I'm getting off-point.

Tonight at dinner, the teenager suddenly said, "Has anyone seen the dog?" Well, come to think of Not for a few hours.

The dog belongs to the teenager. We got her several years ago when we moved to Michigan and he was having a hard time with the move. She has always been his baby and he has done a pretty good job of taking care of her. She sleeps with him every get the picture.

We looked high and low. It soon became obvious that she wasn't in the house. We went outside calling her name and rattling her treat can.

At that point, I became alarmed because when she does escape, she usually comes back within 20 minutes or so. She had been gone for hours and I knew that something was wrong.

We finally decided to get in the car and praying that we would not find her dead on a road somewhere. I remembered my prayer, though, and wondered if God was answering in a way I didn't expect.

As we were driving around the neighborhood, I saw a woman in her driveway. I knew her from the bus stop, so I stopped and asked her if she had seen Ginger. Now, I have been past her house countless times and I have never seen her outside in her driveway. Ever. She was just standing there, near the street. As I got out, a car pulled up and it was obvious that my neighbor was going somewhere with a friend. As she left, she suggested that I call Animal Control. And then she said, "But their number isn't listed. You have to call the police dept. and have them connect you."

I would not have thought to call the police department about a lost dog.

And Ginger's tag had broken off and we hadn't gotten it replaced yet, so she had no ID.

If I had been driving by 30 seconds later, I would have missed my neighbor.

So...just to recap for you...I am driving by my neighbor's house. She just 'happen's' to be standing in her driveway. It 'happens' to be 30 seconds before her ride comes to pick her up, meaning we would have missed her if we had driven by 1 min. later. And, she tells us to do something I would never have thought of. Hmmmm....God at work? Um...yeah.

As we continued home, I mentioned to the teenager that Ginger could not handle the freedom that she so desired. She 'thought' she would have more fun outside our boundaries, but she was just putting herself in danger. She thought we were too strict but we were just trying to keep her safe. He got the picture.

When we got home, I called and left a msg. with animal control. About 9PM the phone rang. "This is animal control and I think I have your dog."

Ahhhhhh!!! Hooray!!!! Thank you, Jesus!!!!

Yep--it was Ginger--and boy, was she glad to see us. I hope she learned her lesson (doubtful). But more than that, I hope the teenager learned one, too. God loves him so much and I know He will continue to pursue him and draw him into a relationship with Him.

So, Mom's, pray a lot for your kids and rest assured...God's got your back.


Kristin Ferguson said...

Ooooo, we had a dog named Ginger growing up too! She was such a sweet dog and had puppies outside under a tree in the middle of a snowstorm--refused to come in the house to have them. My Mom had to put all of the puppies into the oven to warm them up because they were half frozen and all 4 of us little girls were crying because we thought she was baking Ginger's puppies! We ended up writing and illustrating a little "book" about this event. The puppies survived though Ginger never went near the oven again. :)

Great lesson and I LOVE how God used that to touch Taylor's heart. I might just use this story to talk to my teenager as well. He too has a dog that he loves and gets extremely nervous over when he's let out by accident. Thanks for the idea!!!


trustandobey said...

So glad Ginger is safe and sound and that God gave you such a teachable moment! I am convinced that we cannot pray enough for our teens. This is a tough time to be a teenager. Thank goodness for the perfect parent in Heaven who never sleeps or takes breaks.

Kim K. said...

What a totally stressful situation that all turned out good in the end. I love those teachable moments AFTER it's over with.

Jean said...

Oh- thank goodness Ginger is safe and back home where she belongs!

Hoping the experience will help the teenager!!

God is so cool! He used his dog to get the point across!

Holly said...

Wow. He knows what will speak to our hearts. HE IS FAITHFUL!!

Kimberlie said...

Hooray for teachable moments! And hooray you found Ginger safe and sound. We have a dog named Finnbar (long story). I have to say that I am not a huge pet person, but Paul is. My children, after initially being terrified of him (like for years in the case of numbers 1 and 2 and nearly a year for number 3), they are finally showing an extreme attachment to him. Me, not so much. It's just one more responsibility around here and there has been more than one time when I have suggested that maybe its time to find the dog a new home or thought, "well, he's 9, he can't live much longer." I know, heartless.

He escaped from the back yard a couple of months ago by climbing/jumping over our 6 ft privacy fence. He would always come right home, but he didn't this time. We searched and searched and as I looked at the crushed faces of my children, my heart ached. How ironic is it that the Mama who thought she wouldn't mind if the dog didn't return, was the one trawling the neighborhood calling for him and was the one to find him and bring him home.

What I wouldn't do for those precious ones of mine? Now I have the dog still and the poop to scoop still, but my kids didn't have to learn about losing a pet yet. Whew!

Shannon said...

What a great post. And I am so relieved that Ginger is okay!

Lori said...

Great lesson learned, for sure!! A little dog unfamiliar with the territory can't handle the freedom of being completely on his own...and neither can a teenager.

So glad the timing was just right (so God!) and that you found your furry little guy!

sara said...

just love how God provides those teachable moments!!

Gretchen said...

What a great life lesson at just the right time. See we can get through to them. We just need to find what they can "understand".

So glad you found that cute puppy.

Kim @ Up North Mommy said...

I'm relieved Ginger is home safely, even more so that the teenager realized that you are not placing boundaries on him because you like making his life miserable. Parents set boundaries when they actually care about their kids.

The kids with all the freedom that he envies so much most likely have parents who are too concerned about their social lives or keeping up with the Joneses to keep tabs on them. That was my experience when I was in high school. At the time the kids think it's great they can come and go when they want and with whom they want, but, ooh boy, it can lead to some pretty hard consequences.

Someday he will realize, just as Ryan did, that he was blessed to have you guys as parents.