Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Kiddo Status

About half of the kids are still sick. ugh. Jake's ear hurt over the weekend so I took him to the doctor. Result: double ear infection. Poor kid.

Just when SaraGrace and Kate seemed better, they both started running fevers again. Sigh... They just can't kick it. Whatever the virus is, it is going on and on. Poor babies.

Sorry I didn't report back on Ryan's PT run last week. He did not pass it. However, the sargaent didn't say anything, so Ryan is unsure what to think. He does know that he cannot graduate from this phase of training until he passes the PT.

Yesterday while making dinner, the kids came running in yelling with excitement. "Snake! Snake! There's a snake in our playhouse!" Ewwww...

I grabbed my camera and ran to check it out. I saw the kids like this:

Sure enough...there was a garter snake. It couldn't get out of the playhouse and kept slithering back and forth. We were all strangely fascinated. Finally the call rang out to get the teenager to come and catch it for us. He reluctantly complied but insisted on wearing gloves to avoid being peed on. Whatever...,just come and catch it!

Some were brave enough to touch it. It was twisting and turning quickly, which was a bit unnerving.

I don't want to think about how close I had to get to the snake to get this shot. I didn't have my zoom on the camera at the time. Ewwwwww.... I can't stand snakes. They are so creepy and...well, slithery. Shudder.


trustandobey said...

Hey! I heart faces has an upclose nature week coming up!!! Perfect !!! Yes, snakes can be slithery, but if we didn't have them, we would be overrun by rats!!! (Nothing good ever came from a rat.) Once again, teenagers rule and save the day!!! Go Taylor!!!

Kristin Ferguson said...

I'm sorry your kids are still sick--throw your hand sanitizer away--it doesn't work! :)

Tell Taylor I think he's pretty smart and brave. I love holding snakes!!! I'll have to send you the picture of when I held a 75lb. ball python around my neck! Very cool!

Have a great day and I'll be praying the kiddos get better soon!


Kim K. said...

I'm sorry the germ fairy is still at your house. It's time for her to leave!! Too bad about Ryan's PT run. I'm hoping for the best. Your snake is quite interesting and I'm glad it's at YOUR house and not mine! Chris loves to catch them. I'd rather admire them for a long distance away.

Lyn said...

Ok!! You better get rid of all those things before June 2!!!! We have alot of them down here but I was hoping it was too cold up there! Ewwwww!!! Can you tell I don't like snakes.:)

Angie said...

Ewwwww....my skin is crawling just looking at the photos! Jacob is my snake hunter...so thankful for his bravery! Way to go, Taylor!

sara said...

wow, so impressed you got that close. we had one on our front porch and when I got close it quickly slithered into the bushes which made me scream, which every neighbor in the vicinity heard!!!

Holly said...

Satan was a snake.
End of discussion!!

凱倩 said...
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Lori said...

The good news is, when there are non-poisonous snakes present...that means there are no poisonous snakes around. :) Or so they say.

Sorry your kiddos are still passing sicknesses around. Argh. Enough already!

Kim @ Up North Mommy said...

Oooh. I wish I had been there. I love snakes! The garter snakes are generally harmless.

I'm sorry to hear about Ryan's PT. I hope he gets another chance to pass.