Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Rough Night but a better day

As I feared, Miss Zoey's pain got away from the nursing staff last night. Sigh... The nurse didn't want to give her any pain meds unless Zoey asked for them and said she might not need them.

Hmmm...she just got her foot removed, I think she will need pain meds.

I am not allowed to push the medication button and she was sound asleep. At midnight she woke up crying and in pain. It took several hours of chasing it to get it under control.

Mama bear was not happy.

The nurse that let it go was not there, and the third shift nurse did a pretty good job of chasing it. Then...just as she was getting the pain resolved, Zoey kept telling us that she wanted to go potty.

She has a catheter and I told her that it was going potty for her. She continued to insist that she wanted to go potty. Finally, she started crying that it hurt and she REALLY needed to go. Any of you who have had ultrasounds and have had to hold a full bladder know that pain. I recognized the look in her eyes. Yeah...not fun. I told the nurse that Zoey was a really tough kid and that if she was crying it was because she was in serious pain. The nurse finally decided to check her bladder pressure and sure enough...she had a very full bladder. The catheter wasn't working and it had all backed up into her bladder. ARGH!!! Poor baby! It took almost an hour of manipulating the tubing to get it to drain properly and get Zoey comfortable again. It was 4AM by then. After that...thankfully...we were both able to sleep until the doctors came in at 7:45 to do rounds.

Needless to say, she is a bit droopy today after the lack of sleep, but she is staying fairly comfortable. The loss of the epidural was most unfortunate because it does a much better job of pain control. She has learned to push the button, though, for the m*rphine, so it gives her a little control.

The catheter situation continues to be an issue but I will not let it get to the point it got last night. It did get fairly uncomfortable this morning with the bladder getting too full again and I explained to the nurse what had happened. It took her awhile to fully believe me but she eventually got it taken care of. The have decided that the tube is too small for her but there is nothing that can be done about it now. The plan is to take it out tomorrow and start to get her out of bed a bit more.

It really seems to hurt her when we move her leg. She cries out and it makes me feel so awful.

All of this makes me so very, very sad for the children in the world who have no Mama by their side when they need medical attention. Who but a Mama will notice little things... or know the child well enough to know when something is amiss? No one should have to go through life without a parent.

I am so glad that sweet Zoey has her Mama here. Whenever she awoke, she looked around desperately for me and as soon as she would see or hear me, she would relax.

Zoey's happy news of the day is that she got to see Grandma, Jake and Katie-bug. My mom flew in Monday night to take care of the kids so she came up to see Zoey today. They all signed Zoey's cast--which I don't have photos of because I was helping them write their names. Zoey showed them the uber-cool playroom and Jake was in heaven. They stayed for lunch and then went home awhile later.

Thank you all so much who are sending messages via email, comments on the blog, etc. I can read them on my phone throughout the day and it brings so much encouragement. I read them to Zoey and she thinks its pretty neat.

I'm sitting out in the hall right now where I can get Internet--it's not available in Zoey's room. I'll try to load some pictures before she wakes up from her nap and I have to go back.

A little droopy today--but content.

Smiling for Mama in the playroom

Jake and Kate eating lunch on the bed next to Zoey's

Grandma and Zoey

Play a cutthroat game of Memory

My mom told Jake he had his shoes on the wrong feet. He then crossed his feet and said, "Now dey not!" Haha

Jake in the playroom, totally enamored with the pool table


James, Dawn and Family said...

Great job mommy! You know Zoey more than anyone don't let anyone forget it!

Jaime said...

Saying prayers for Zoey's continued comfort and healing. Also prayers for your mama heart and rest. God bless you all!

Theanne and Baron... said...

Continuing prayers for Zoey, you, family and stay on top of those nurses Mom...I took care of my husband 13 years before he passed and I've been a few rounds with doctors and nurses. I agree with you, sometimes they just can't seem to understand that because you know your loved one so well, you know when something is wrong. Tell Zoey I'm a grandma too (called Yaya) and I send her grandma good wishes and gentle ((((hugs))))!

apamm said...

Definitely report the incident about the nurse's lack of 'concern' to the doctor, but more importantly to the nursing supervisor. Likewise the same regarding the catheter. That is basic nursing care and those nurses need to 'listen'. Unless you report it (best if done both verbally & written to the hospital post discharge. You really need to do it so other patients won't suffer the same issues) From a 30+ year RN

Kim K. said...

Continuing to pray for Zoey's continued healing. What a little trooper. Continued blessings to you all.

Lisa said...

Hi Zoey!

Avery and Amanda keep asking about you and they like seeing your picture. We pray that Jesus will help you feel better and that you will be home walking around very soon!

Meredith said...

Hi Zoey!!!!
We love you and are praying for you!
We send a big HUG and KISS to you! :)
Maddie :), Jackson, Hudson
and Uncle Mark & Aunt Meredith :)

Valerie and Jeff said...

Break my heart that she had to get back from the edge of so much pain! AND then with the catheter problem. Oh my goodness. How much should she have to endure for goodness sake?! That's frustrating that the nurses aren't right on top of this. I'm SO glad she has her mamma there and that you are fighting for her!
She is SO strong and so courageous! Hugs to you from Iowa.

Tami said...

Oh Karin,

Your pictures are bringing back so many memories! I'm so sorry to hear Zoe's having bad luck with the lines;-(!! Poor thing. Keep telling yourself things WILL get better....they will! Believe'll be looking back on this as a distant memory as you watch Zoe running around the yard!

I'm here if you need to 'talk'


Lori said...

Oh golly, I could sense that your blood was boilin' over the pain & cath situation. My gracious, that's awful for that sweet girly to go through!

I will pray for a better night tonight!!

That Jake...he's a party where ever he goes, isn't he? Love that boy!

Lyn said...

What a precious treasure you have. So glad Zoey has her Mama with her!

Adeye said...

Oh sweet, sweet little angel. What a brave little love she is. I cannot even imagine going through that. Whew. My prayers are with you both in the days to come, friend. Praying for a speedy recovery so that you can go home sooner rather than later.

Hang tight and know that you are covered in prayer.

trustandobey said...

Thinking of you two. Praying for a much more peaceful night! How long does she have to stay?

Jean said...

Praying for Zoey. Thankful the pain is under control now.

I'm an ex nurse but even I know this is way too soon to cut back on the pain meds. Poor dear girl and poor dear Momma!

And that catheter problem- that must have been really uncomfortable for her. Praying it doesn't happen again...

David and Janet Hurley said...

UGH-sorry about the pain meds. I have gone so far as to set my alarm for every 3 hours, and call for pain med (that just happened to be how often they said my child could have it). Because the nurses do seem to loose track of time. We are praying for Zoey, and mom too!

Chris said...

It is very hard to think straight in the middle of the night,but man when your child needs it...
you are a good mama bear, hopefully you all sleep better tonite

Ally said...

I will keep Zoey and the rest of your family in my prayers. My heart hurts for your mama heart. Sending a big (((((((((HUG)))))))))) to you all.

Sharon said...

Karin, I thought I was commenting on this post, but it wound up on the previous post. Love and prayers.

Nancy Tupper Ling said...

Love nurses, but when will everyone learn, mommies know best. We prayed for Zoey this morning at study. Lots of hugs. l, me