Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Zoey - Post-Op

Our Zoey girl did very well during surgery and all went as expected. She was very sad when she woke up--but didn't seem to have any kind of bad reaction to the anesthetic.

Jeff was able to see her in recovery for a few minutes before he had to leave to pick the kids up from school. She was happy to see her Daddy.

I thought she would doze most of the day but once the little stinker was awake, she stayed awake for the rest of the day. Finally at 8:30, I told her she had to go to sleep.

Unfortunately, she accidentally pulled out her epidural line that was in her back, as well as her leg drain. The epidural was giving her continuous medicine, which is best for kids her age. When the leg drain came off, I saw a puddle of blood on her bed and called the nurse. That led them to look at her back and they noticed that the epidural line was no longer attached. They got all alarmed and said they had to get it fixed ASAP and went to call anesthesiology. I was a tad alarmed at their reaction. About a half hour later, they came back and said that Plan B was a m*rphine drip that is not continuous and has a pump with a button to push as needed. So that is what she has now and the nurse said they would not push it unless Zoey seemed to be in pain. Urgh.... Mama-bear hackles went up a bit, envisioning them letting her pain get out of control and then trying to chase it. They assure me that they will not let that happen, so I will trust them.

Sort of.

But I plan on giving them the stink eye if Zoey gets uncomfortable.

Emotionally, it has been a bit hard for her. She doesn't know how to verbalize her loss. She just looked very, very sad after she woke up. She was relieved to see that only one leg was in a cast and that her other foot was still there.

Emotionally for Mommy, it has been okay overall but there were definitely some {swallow hard} moments. Like when I had to sign the permission for 'disposal of severed limb' paperwork. And when I saw her leg in the cast...and it was obvious her little foot was gone. I just keep telling myself that she is going to be so much better off once she gets her new leg.

And then, she got a visitor! Her little friend, Jonah, came with his mom, Kim, and it perked Zoey up so much. She asked Kim why her cast was all the way to the top of her leg if they only cut off her foot. Pretty good question!

Kim and Jonah brought a whole bunch of yummy snacks and a few presents for Zoey. Zoey is all about FOOD, so she has been munching all day. She also ordered herself three grape juice's. Her teeth are all blue and I shudder to think of all the sugar that is sitting on them because we forgot to brush tonight.

Waking up sad in recovery--but no tears.

Jonah gives me the eye as Kim shows Zoey the photo she took with her phone.

Can't see Jonah's signature here-but he was the first to sign her cast.

Eating and watching TV...she might not want to go home!

"Here, Mommy. Have some of my cookie."

Finally asleep and looking peaceful. Hopefully she will have a good night.


sara said...

Karin, thanks so much for the update. I am praying for you guys. My mom called today to see how you were doing....she asked me again to tell you that she is praying!!!


Kim K. said...

Extra prayers. I'm hoping tonight brings rest for both of you. What a little trooper.

Lori said...

So sorry about the epidural mishap. That's so awful.

Love the pics. She's such a sweet little cupcake.

I'll continue to pray for the days/weeks to come as this new reality sets in and that Zoey can articulate her loss.

James, Dawn and Family said...


Cari said...

i think i would have not reacted well to the blood in the bed...good thing you're into the whole medical thingy! :)

keeping zoey in my prayers. try to get some sleep in your lovely hotel i mean hospital room.

Lisa said...

Oh my. What a thing to have to go through. So sweet of you to post so promptly. We've been praying and thinking about you all. Such a precious girl.

trustandobey said...

I know this has to be hard on everyone. Once it is all behind Zoey, there will be a new normal:) And one day it will bring joy that she can move and run with ease.
Thanks for the update. Hope you both get some sleep.

Theanne and Baron... said...

Prayers answered...so happy to see Zoey doing so well...and so sweetly asleep...the teeth will keep Mom...rest now!

Jean said...

God Bless you both sweet Momma and sweet little girl!

If I am mourning the loss of her little foot- I can only imagine what she and you must feel. In the long run it is better but it is still hard to deal with...

I say this because Anna will at some point need plastic surgery on her lip and many other surgeries- I feel like I am already mourning the changes that will take place- I love her just the way she is- but the changes are in her best interest...

It is hard being a MOM!
Praying for you dear girl and for all of you!

apamm said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well. Children are so resilient. Eventually she will fully understand the reason this was all done-but find peace in knowing you made the best decision for her future mobility.
Sorry the epidural came out. As soon as you sense any restlessness on Zoey's part, push the morphine button! Pam

Angie said...

Praising God that her surgery went well and that she seems peaceful with her food and TV! I can't imagine how it feels to sign the papers you did, but knowing God has an awesome plan for Zoey and that she's strong and will just thrive!

Tesseraemum said...

Sweet girl. We are praying that recovery is easy for her and that the Lord fills you all with His peace.
Zoey is such an active, sporty and confident girl,she will take off and not look back when she gets her new foot!

Kristin Ferguson said...

I don't know how you're handling things in private but you and Zoey are quite the troopers in these updates. We're going to make you guys the focus of our prayer time this morning! Hope the night went well and that today has no IV mishaps, etc.

Sharon said...

Karin, so glad everything went well. What a brave little girl. We will continue praying.

Jo's Corner said...

Hi Karin and Zoey ~ Three years ago, I had just had my left leg amputated, below the knee. And, my epidural was pulled out when they were transferring me from the OR table to the gurney. Needless to say, I screamed for five hours. The nurses kept insisting that I could NOT be in pain with the epidural. Finally they looked and realized that it had been pulled out and never replaced. It WAS in my chart and somehow it was overlooked. The anesthesiologist came up and put it back in, but I was not happy for over five hours! Even with a morphine drip!
I'll be Praying for Miss Zoey and for you, Mom! I'm glad she has her "Mama Bear" there to advocate for her! The pictures are just darling! I esp. like the thumb sucking ones! Give your girl a hug from me!
Love to Zoey ~ Jo

_ said...

Hi Karin & Zoey. So happy to hear you are doing well & glad you are close to home so daddy and others can visit. When we go to our Shriner's it's a plane ride or two away. In fact, we go again next week for annual team visits. Karin - evry children's hosp where I've worked, the button is supposed to be under the control of the child. Even the little guys. If family/staff thinks they need the med, we are required to have the kiddo push it. It will lock out if too much has been given so you can't overdose. I fully understand. Isaac's last surgery he had a full palate revision and could only have tylenol because he would stop breathing with anything stronger. Kids are so much tougher than we are! LOL! Oh - and the cast has to be high because muscles in the lower leg attach above the knee and you don't want her using them right now. (Can you tell that I so miss when I was an intern at Shriners, way long ago!). Love it when the kids are happy that others are praying for them. We will continue! Allison Brown

Sharon said...

Karin, so sorry to hear about the catheter situation. Poor little Zoey! This had to be painful. Hope things are getting better. It's such a blessing that kids bounce back so much faster than adults do. Hope you will see a hugh improvement with each day.

Gayle said...

Hi Karin,

I have been checking in on your family for quite some time. Our little girl, Gracie, has a host of heart issues--when your Katie was having surgery, I began to check in on your family! My daughter, Breuklyn and I have been reading about sweet little Zoey and are praying for her. I am certain she will feel a loss, but completely rejoicing in the fact that she has her mommy right beside her and has a family walking this road with her. What a story she has!!

THank you for updating us--we will continue to pray for her!