Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mr. Jordan and Rascal

Jordan has a favorite stuffed animal that he takes to bed with him every night. It's a little raccoon that he got one time when we went to the zoo with my parents. He named it Rascal.

The other day he asked me if I would take some pictures of him with Rascal. Now there is nothing sweeter to the ears of a Mamarazzi than hearing someone ask for photos. So we headed out to the backyard to capture some memories with Jordan and Rascal.

Whether or not you love to take photos, I would encourage you to take some of your children with their favorite toys, stuffed animal or blankie. Long after Rascal has either fallen apart or gotten packed away, we will have these photos to remember when he was Jordan's little sidekick. {sniff, sniff...}




And because SaraGrace is never far away when a camera is in use, she and Jordan posed together for a few shots. It always makes my heart skip a beat to see the two of them together because they are from the same orphanage and there is just something special about that.


I love how Rascal is still clutched tightly in Jordan's hand.


lizzeroo said...

Fallen Apart?! Packed away!? I hope these things don't happen to Rascal! I have a special place in my heart for well-loved stuffed animals. My own "Dooy" has been in rough shape for years, but even at age 23 I still just need a hug from him every once in a while. I love those pictures. I wish my mom had taken some like that when I was a kid, good thinkin' Jordan!

Angie said...

Great idea, and I think I'll do that today since they're all at home. Even my Jacob MUST sleep with his animals. I'm surprised there's room for him in his bed!

Kim K. said...

Great idea, Karin. Emma still sleeps with a favorite doll (and she's 12). Josie has a ratty looking monkey named bo bo. Wonderful pictures of Jordan. You're such a smart Momma. Have a great weekend!

Lori said...

SO incredibly sweet! I think you should put one of the pics in a frame and give it to Jordan for Christmas. I'll bet he'd like that!

I love how SaraGrace worked her way into the photo shoot. Love that girl!

sara said...

These are so sweet!!!

And you are right...take the pictures. I wish I had more of my kids with their "special" blankets, etc.

David and Janet Hurley said...

Jordan looks like a sweetheart! That is a great idea to take pics with the favorite toys.
My 17yo college boy still has his baby bunny on a closet shelf. And my 19yo still sleeps with a doggy she got in 2nd grade=)

Kristin Ferguson said...

I loved the "Mamarazzi" term. Did you coin that yourself? I've never been a big stuffed animal gal so consequently my kids aren't either but they do have some favorites that are tucked away for safe keeping.

Is this your WOF weekend? I can't remember. IF it is, have a great time!!! (Actually if it is this weekend then you're already there so perhaps it's not this weekend after all?) said...

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Kimberlie said...

What a great idea. I don't know how many photos I have of Meili with Bei-Bei (her doll). Bei-Bei is a little worse for the lovin' now, missing a few fingers that Meili chewed off, and her hair has seen better days, but Lord have mercy if Bei-Bei is not in bed with her at night.

My boys have some animals that I should really get some pictures of them together.

I just love seeing your updates!

Waitingfaithfully said...

Precious Jordan with his Rascal! Some of my favorite pictures of Teddi are with her well loved pandas, "Tiny" and "Medium" (as opposed to "Big" who sits guard on the bed.) I'm not sure why they never got real names--but these are their "real" names now! I love the way Rascal has that "loved" look to him. Our Pandas have that same look, unfortunatley they don't hide the dirt as well (at least on their white parts) as does a brown and black racooon . . . but that's all part of the love! :)

Thanks for sharing!


Waitingfaithfully said...

Had to come back to share . . .

I was tucking Teddi in tonight and she was holding "Medium" panda. She asked me if I wanted to know "Medium's" name and I said, yes! She said, "Bamboo"! I said oh, "Medium, is now Bamboo?" She told me yes . . . and then asked, "You want to know her middle name?"

Me: "Yes."

Ted: "It's bracelet."

"Bamboo Bracelet". Wow. I must say it's much more original than "Medium"--I'm sure there are other panda's around named, "Bamboo"--but, "Bamboo Bracelet"--probably not! :)

Staci said...

precious!! and absolutely adorable! :)