Friday, November 26, 2010

Little Jake Horner

Yeah...I know it's supposed to be Jack Horner...but work with me here.

Unbeknownst to us, our Jake is a pie lover. Who knew?

The girls and I made pumpkin pies on Wednesday and Jake was transfixed. He watched them bake. He smelled the fabulous aroma
{that sadly his mama missed out on due to the head cold of the century}.

He watched them be removed from the oven and immediately wanted a piece. No amount of explanation could get it through his now pumpkin pie-fogged head that the pie was for Thanksgiving.

Later, he fell asleep in the car and when we woke him up, his first words were, "Did we bring da pie hewe?", Jake. We don't drive around town with pie in the car.

So imagine his delight when he awoke Thanksgiving morning! It was time for pie!

Or not.

He asked no less than 4 billion times when he would be getting pie. {that is only a slight exaggeration}

Finally....the pesky turkey, dressing, potatoes, broccoli, and rolls were consumed and it was time for P.I.E!
"Bwing it on!"

"No. Really. Where's da pie?"

"Is dis for weal or am I dweaming?"

"Oh yeah. Dat's what I'm tawkin' 'bout."

"See dis and weep, Doey!"

"Watch and learn, Doey."

"Ohhh...dat was so yummy. Can I have more?"

'No Jake, you may not have any more pie today.'
"Eeuhhhhh. But there is one more piece. I see it. I want it."

Just then he accidentally marked his territory by sneezing on it. A direct hit.

Repulsed, we told everyone that we reserved that piece for Jake and that if anyone wanted pie, they were advised to choose from the other one, still remaining.

Equally repulsed, the other children quickly spread the word about the defiled piece of pie.

Later that evening, I noticed it was missing. Jake was in bed so he couldn't be the culprit.

Apparently, the teenager didn't get the memo.

Should we tell him? It could ruin his day.

{Incidentally, Jake was quite bummed when he came downstairs this morning and asked for his piece of pie for breakfast.}


Acceptance with Joy said...

LOL! Too cute.... don't tell the teenager.

Lori said...

Oh my word, that is so stinkin' hilarious!!!

So, so, so funny!!

Kim K. said...

Jake is one in a million. HUGS!

Kristin Ferguson said...

I'm with Jake! Pumpkin pie is my FAVORITE!!! I managed to scoff down the last tiny sliver today. Had to tell my 6yr. old niece she couldn't have it--yep! Pretty cut-throat when it comes to my pie!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Kimberlie said...

I love these Jake stories! You really do need to write a book about your littles, they are too incredibly funny.

sara said...

hahahahahahaha!!!! I say don't tell the teeanger.....revenge for hacking into your facebook account!!! :)

btw, just wanted you to know that my mom called me yesterday and asked if I knew the date that Zoey was having her surgery!! She wanted me to tell you that she is praying for ya'll.

Holly said...

Ugh! No, don't tell! I have a few pie obsessed little ones here too.
Hope you are feeling all better soon! Here the weather is crazy, 65 then 45 then 70.
Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Adeye said...

hahahahahahaha.....tooooo cute :) I love it.

Jennipher said...

poetic justice for sure:) hahahahah!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Hey there,
Just got your e-mail but I can't e-mail back until I get home to my own server-or some nerdy answer like that. Anyway, I'm glad you got to see the article posted on facebook, however, I'm wondering why you're not CHECKING MY BLOG because I had it posted there days ago. hmpf!

Love you anyway you infrequent blog checker you. :)

Lisa said...


Theanne and Baron... said...

Jake is right...pumpkin is the best!!! (my opinion of course...*smile*) I am praying for your son Ryan...and thank him for serving his country in Korea!
And prayers for you and your entire family too...I had a son in Iraq, it's not easy.

Jamie said...

LOL-tell the teenager next TG :)