Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Program

Last week was our church's kids Christmas program. Six of our kids were in the show. We were given a CD of the entire production in uh...probably Sept. and were instructed to listen to it as much as possible.

For me, after one complete hearing of said CD, I decided that 'as much as possible' might not be more than three times.

And then we misplaced it.

So my little kids didn't know the songs as well as some of the older kids.
Stop judging.

And then there was the 'stage fright' as SaraGrace would say. It does render one completely powerless.

"I didn't know there would be so many people staring at us."

"Everyone else seems to be having fun...maybe this will be okay."

"I guess this is where we do some motions to go with the song."

"I seriously have no idea what we are doing up here."

Thankfully, the big girls knew the songs.

My sweet Molly

"Um...everyone else is singing. What are we supposed to do?"

Molly had a speaking part and did a good job.

Little Chloe played Mary

"I am completely clueless right now."

Overall, the kids sounded really great {much better than the CD} and we enjoyed the play. Jake was mostly interested in the cookies that were served afterwards.


Lori said...

Ah, nothing says "Happy Birthday, Jesus" like clueless Chinese children in a manger scene.

Oh, and one ornery Guatemalan.

I feel a new carol coming on.

Theanne... said...

This sounds so like my son and DILs home...and they only have 2 (adopted)kids...Neylan was a premmie and has albinism, she's 3 and William is 1. No church plays yet but Neylan is going to be in a little ballet recital this coming Wednesday...of course photos on the blog...your family is such an inspiration...thanks so much for sharing them with us!

Kristin Ferguson said...

It's a special mom who can laugh (and catalog photographically) the blooper moments in life! Thanks for keeping things in perspective at this time of year!!! It's a good reminder--we need to laugh more and stress MUCH less!!!

Lori's comment TOTALLY cracked me up!!!

Kim K. said...

Such sweet pictures. I love ending my night with your blog. I have a big smile on my face seeing your precious kiddos.

Christmas blessings!

Gretchen said...

How sweet! I just love Christmas and all the memories it brings.

Mery Christmas!