Friday, December 03, 2010

Zoey's First Full Day Home

Look at her go!

I knew the day was going to go well right off the bat. I picked Zoey up to carry her downstairs and asked her if her leg hurt. She said, "A little." I asked her if she wanted some of her pain medicine and she looked up at me with a twinkle in her eye and said,
"No. I'm tough."

OH.MY.WORD....I started cracking up!

Once she realized that it wasn't going to hurt a lot when she used her walker, she has been asking to use it and doing very well.

She awoke during the night to go potty and when I was helping her out of bed, she said in the sweetest little voice, "Will you hold my leg?"

Um...yeah. I would pretty much walk across hot coals for you right now, Zoey.

She is already getting bored out of her mind, though. I went to Target and got her some things to play with, but I don't know if it will keep her occupied for long. She absolutely LOVES driving her wheelchair around. I think if I could take her to a gym or a flat parking lot for a few hours she would be thrilled. It's too cold for her to be outside for long though, and we live on a hill.

My mom and I decided to take her to Wendy's for lunch since she was so bored. It was do-able getting the wheelchair into the car and out again. She didn't want me to push the chair--"I'll do it myself!"

I am so amazed and in awe of her spirit and determination. She has already accepted the loss of her foot, embraced the walker and wheelchair, and never looked back.

Somehow I have the feeling that instead of her being sidelined, we will be the ones on the sidelines cheering for her.

Hanging out on the couch with her toys

Going to Wendy's for lunch!

Oh yeah...we made it!

Sisters are the best (and they wait on Zoey hand and foot!)

Zoey has always had to wear big, ugly, clompy shoes to give some support to her little foot. All the other kids in the family could wear cute canvas ones except her. Today, I got her this pair at Target and she was so excited. She wanted to wear them to bed. :)

Playing Old Maid with Jillian

Time for's been a good day!

We decided that Zoey needed some bling on her walker. She helped me make the name plate {ie: plastered that baby with stickers}

She hasn't used any pain meds whatsoever and says her leg just hurts a little bit. Not enough to drink the vile Tylen*l with c*deine.

I wasn't able to find any pants to fit over her cast, so I cut off some old jeans and then slit both sides almost to the top of her leg. It works...hope she stays warm enough. We've never had a child in a cast, so if any of you have any tips for me, pass them along!

We are so thankful that she is doing well and know it has everything to do with all the prayers going up for her. Thank you so much to all who have written and said they are/were praying for her. God is good...all the time!


Sean and Lisa said...

Oh she is so precious! So glad to hear she doing so well. She is living life with gusto! What a brave, beautiful warrior princess!
Prayers continue. Thanks for the update and pictures!
Much love!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Zoey is amazing...and tough! :)

Love the bling on the walker and I'm in awe that the house is decorated for Christmas already! Supermom you are! Who is in the "piggyback" picture over the mantel? Just curious! I'm assuming you took it too.

mark said...

What a doll! Hilarious too.

Amy said...

please tell Zoey that she is my hero! She makes me proud to be a girl :) She is amazing and inspirational and I am so proud of her! I have been following along for a few weeks and I am so inspired by your girl. You are a great Mama.
Thanks for sharing.
Blessings, Amy

trina said...

Zoey, you are such a beautiful, brave little girl. Hudson is almost 5 years old and Benjamin is almost 4. You all would have a great time together. Benjamin has a 'little hand' that doesn't have fingers on it. He's just like you. He can do everything!! Hudson and Benjamin have lots of brothers and sisters like you. I hope to someday have a little girl like you and maybe you can teach her how to walk. We are all so proud of you, Zoey. I wish I could meet you in person and give you a big,big hug.
Karin, thanks for sharing your blog with us. I can't wait to follow along. Your family is beautiful!! Hugs! trina

Laura said...


Mark Priestap posted your blog link on FB. I have really enjoyed seeing the updates and glad to hear all is going so well. I am praying for you and your family.


Lori said...

Oh, WOW! What a tough girl, indeed! We all could learn a thing or two about Zoey's determination and fighting spirit.

Gayle said...

Yay, Zoey!! You are amazing, sweet girl--how so many of us can learn from your determination and trust. You have such a proud mama who loves you so much. With a spirit like yours, you will have an amazing life!! Praying today is as fantastic as yesterday!!

Anne Devlin said...

Go Zoey! You are awesome and really inspire me with your courage and strength! We are all praying for a quick recovery for you!

Angie said...

What an amazing girl! You will not keep that girl way!

sara said...

What sweet pictures! And somehow I am not surprised she is doing so well....what an amazing little girl...and tough!!! :)

Kim K. said...

What a little trooper. She's adapting so well. I love her decorative bling on her walker. How cool that she can have "fun" shoes now. She continues to amaze me. When Josie was in a fingertip-shoulder cast for six weeks, the hardest issues were bathing and dressing. We ended up buying shirts 3 sizes to big to get over her cast and used lots of bread bags during "sink" baths. Best wishes, Karin.

Extra hugs to you both.

Sue Mom of Two said...

Zoey is absolutely amazing! I was praying this week, and all of the prayers obviously "did the trick" because her attitude is awesome. And attitude is what gets these little ones through these surgeries, which adults would find horrific if they had to endure them.

Love to Zoey and to her forever family

_ said...

Zoe - We are so proud of you! God has made you strong and brave and I am sure he is so pleased to see you working hard at walking and doing things in a new way!

Karin - Pants: Sweat pants are easy this time of year, but with any pants, rip out the inseam on that leg up as far as you need to. You can reinforce the seam at the point you stop ripping it out so that it doesn't go farther up on it's own. If you want to get creative, you can put hook&loop tabs on to keep the pant leg semi-closed around the cast. I had one girl put sticky back velcro on the cast and another tab on her pants, so she hooked them together even when the pant leg wouldn't reach around the cast. You can also sew on a strip of elastic (with fancy trim on top, of course) from front to back over the cut edge (previous inseam). That works well, as it stretches to go over the cast and then holds the pants in when wearing. When the cast is gone, you can sew the pants back up (or just wear out 2 pears of pants and nothing else in the next 6 weeks). I have another idea and will email you for your address and Zoe's favorite color. - Allison

trustandobey said...

Fabulous Zoey! I think we could all learn a lot from your example of how to handle adversity:)

James, Dawn and Family said...

Way to go Zoey-keep up the good work! BTW we LOVE your pink tennies!

Amy said...

I was so glad to see that Zoey is doing so well. It always amazes me how much children can endure with little to no complaining. We have a lot to learn from these little people!

Adeye said...

What a brave and courageous princess she is!!!!!! Trooper.

Harper has the same shoes. They are the cutest :)

Rejoicing that all is well in your home, friend. God is so good.

Kyzza said...

Zoey is a very lucky little girl and i am absolutley touched to the heart to hear her story. She is now my inspiration to live as i am only 12. GO ZOEY!

Ally said...

I know you all are glad she back home. She is just beautiful and love the shoes :)