Thursday, December 02, 2010

Zoey is H.O.M.E!!!

This is what happens when you wear braids to bed

Drum roll, please....Miss Zoey is home! I know a lot of you were praying for her yesterday and today when she woke up, there was remarkable improvement. She woke up and started singing, "You are my sunshine."

She had a perfect night--the nurses stayed on top of the catheter situation and kept her comfortable. Since she had such a great night, I was able to sleep well, too.

In short order, they removed her catheter this morning. After that, the fiberglass went over her cast {she chose light blue} and I got her dressed. I had brought the largest legged pants I could find and they barely went over her cast. Finding anything to fit over it is going to be challenging.

Her next activity was to get out of bed. That proved to be more difficult. She was scared and didn't want anything to do with her walker. We did finally get her into her wheelchair. Once she got into it, she was pushing it herself within 5 seconds. OH.MY.WORD. I couldn't believe how fast she figured out how to maneuver it. She drove it all over the place--a regular maniac on wheels!

She drove herself to the playroom and had a blast shooting baskets. Then we played air hockey and let me tell ya...the girl is competitive. No letting Mommy score gratuitous goals.

After lunch, the PT showed up again and we took Zoey to the PT room so she had more room to try her legs. It took MUCH persuasion to get her on her feet, but there was a Barbie doll in it for her, so she finally gave it a try.

She was pretty wobbly and only took a few hops, but it was enough to score her release. She actually wasn't too sure she wanted to leave the hospital. Hmmm...let's see..."I get my mom all to myself. I can order whatever food and drinks I want. I can have popsicles day or night. I can watch TV all the time. What's not to love about this place?"

Well, it might be a fun place to visit but there IS one thing she was missing. Her family.

I wish I could have captured the joy on all the faces who came running out to greet her when we pulled into the driveway. They all came bursting out of the house yelling, "Zoey's Home!" It was so precious.

And Miss Zoey....she had a huge smile on her face and forgot about her leg. She tried to get out of the car all by herself until I grabbed her and picked her up. She showed off her wheelchair driving and then we took her inside and got her snuggled in on the couch.

Tonight right before bed, she finally worked up the courage to try her walker again. And then she took off on it! Oh my....the girl is going to be unstoppable! She amazes me. I am truly in awe of this spunky child. God has given her such a strong spirit.

Jeff moved her little bed into our room in case she needs to go potty during the night. That is quite a feat to accomplish, but hopefully we will figure out a good way to get the job done.

Thank you all so much for praying and feel free to continue! :) She will return to the hospital in four weeks to get her cast removed. If all looks good, it will stay off and she will be measured for a prosthetic. It will take a few weeks to make it, I think. I can't WAIT to see her try it out. I know she is going to embrace it with the same gusto that she took off in her wheelchair this morning.

Her new blue cast cover

Working up her courage


Shooting baskets in the playroom


Versin' mom in some air hockey


Second try getting up on her foot

More owies...

She did it!! Go Zoey!

Zoey's new best buddie, Jamie. Oh my goodness....Jamie was the best! She was the one who did the role playing with Zoey the first day and continued to stop by and give her encouragement every day. Jamie offered to come and help get Zoey up and walking today after she was so hesitant--and then rewarded her with the Barbie doll she requested. We heart Jamie!

And then we were home....
Big sisters signing her cast

Lookin' good!


James, Dawn and Family said...


Kristin Ferguson said...

Woo Hooey! I'm so excited that Zoey gets to go home sooner than expected! Her crying pictures made me want to cry too. Poor baby! Hope the transition home goes well.

tinacd said...

PTL! What a gal!
Continued prayers.

Waitingfaithfully said...

Brave, strong Zoey! Way to go! So thankful that things smoothed out, everyone got some sleep, and Zoey braved the PT! So proud of your girl!

Thank you Lord for being with Zoey every step of the way!



Gretchen said...

So so glad she is home. I love you, my friend.

sara said...

oh my word, that is one brave little girl!! I am so glad she is home. I love that she totally forgot about her cast when she saw her family!! so, so sweet!

Love you, Karin and still praying as ya'll recover at home.

Deanna, (aka Dj, and Deej.) said...

Zoey the brave! What a trooper she is!

Angie said...

Amazing! Zoey has so much spunk...I don't think you'll keep this girl down! So glad to hear that she's home.

connie said...

What a brave girl you are, Miss Zoey! We are praying for your family!

Kim K. said...

Congratulations on being home. Those pictures are just priceless. Praying for continued Zoey's recovery and transitions. What a sweetheart.

Kathleen said...

She is such a beautiful little girl and I am so proud of the way she has embraced all that has had to happen to her. She is so brave and so blessed to have you as her mama!!! Praying for the weekend ahead, and I hope you have some much needed rest:).

trustandobey said...

Wow...that is medicine in America for you! Amazing!!! I think it is so easy to take for granted that we can get things fixed when something is wrong. But around the world people/children simply live and die with their health problems. There is no one to help!Praise God that Zoey got a family that sees to it that she is able to live life to her full potential! Amazing spirit in that little gal:)
Prayers for continued healing and progress.

Heidi Reitz said...

Zoey is an inspiration. You must be so proud to be her Mama. I just can't wait to see what amazing things she will do with her life. What a spirit!

Cari said...

Zoey is so beautiful! Wow! I pray that her complete healing {physically & emotionally}. Love all the pics.

Lori said...

Oh my. I totally smiled big as can be...and bawled like a baby at those pics. What a BRAVE girly Zoey is! God has big plans for that sweet thing!

I'll continue praying.

Sharon said...

So glad to see Zoey's home! Her determination is such a blessing for her and for you!

Dianne said...

Oh, Karin! I just adore her!!! "Spunky" is just the perfect word! Love You!!!!

Nancy Tupper Ling said...

Love her. What a beautiful story.

Theanne and Baron... said...

Good job Zoey! You keep your good attitude and independent spirit! I can't wait to see you use your prothetic! God continue to bless you and your family and friends, I'll keep you and all in my daily prayers!