Monday, December 06, 2010

Zoey Continues to Improve

Zoey continues to do well, amazing all of us! She refuses any pain meds and pushes herself to get up and get going every day.

Today her new milestone was to scoot on her bottom up and down the stairs. She still needs help because she needs someone to carry her walker up and down the steps, but she was smiling ear to ear at her ability to go up and down alone. She does take rests and puts her leg up but she likes to walk around the house frequently, telling me that she 'needs to practice.'

We found a pair of sweat pants that fit over her cast and it has been wonderful! It's so easy to navigate the bathroom with pants that have an elastic waist band. Zoey soon wanted to try handling that all by herself. She did it! Quite an achievement when your feet don't touch the ground and you have to balance on the seat, not get your cast wet, etc. She was very proud of herself. She needs help getting dressed, though, because she has to wear a belt that has straps that are attached to her cast. It makes getting dressed impossible for her because I have to unbuckle the straps and buckle them back up. She accepts it with grace though and doesn't complain.

She went to church on Sunday but not to her class. We didn't want any of the kids to accidentally fall on her leg or bump it, so she sat with us in church. All of the kids made "Get Well Soon," cards for her. So cute! She was thrilled.

We are also being spoiled by daily meals being brought to us. I'm starting to feel guilty about it! My mom went home yesterday so today was my first day flying solo with Zoey. We were so blessed that my mom was able to come and help out. We all miss her and wish we didn't live so far from family.

Looking at all the 'Get Well' cards from her little friends at church

Grandma and Jordan

Zoey takes pictures of Grandma and her siblings

Jordan and Katie pose with Grandma

Zoey received a fun package in the mail today!

Ohhhh...more candy! Good thing a tooth brush came with this present.


Kim K. said...

I'm amazed at Zoey's resilience. She's such a trooper. What beautiful pictures. Your mother is adorable too. We just found out that my MIL is going to have her right leg amputated from the knee down. I'm waiting to say much on the blog until we have a surgery date. I know we aren't going to have the same success as your tough little Zoey. We've visited UofM Hospital more than I care to visit over the last year. I think of you every time were there. Continued blessings on her recovery.

Jean said...

Yay Zoey!! You are awesome! I am so proud of her and how well she is doing! What a trooper!!

Love that Grandma is there helping out- such a blessing!

Hugs to you!

Lori said...

Amazing resilience, for sure. Wow, what an inspiration she is! You must be so stinkin' proud of her.

Adorable pics! I just love your family!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Zoey is a great example for all of us to quit complaining and just get on with things and keep 'practicing'! I'm glad you have meals coming--what a blessing it is not to have to think of making dinner so you can focus your attention on your kids.

I still can't believe we got snow before you guys did! :) Still remembering your sledding photos from last year!

Kimberlie said...

I am so inspired by you all and especially by sweet Zoey and her determination. Such an amazing spirit!

We leave in 1.5 days to bring home Dumpling #4. One week from today, we will be sitting in the office where we first met you, Jeff, Zoey, and Kate. Who knew how far we would all come since then!

Love you guys so much and will think of you every day while we are in China. Wish you were coming too!

Angie said...

You go, Zoey! You are such a strong girl!!

sara said...

so amazing, that girl!!! And thanks for all the updates...I know you have to be tired....praying for you and that you are all sleeping well!

Theanne and Baron... said...

Zoey is such an inspiration to other youngsters (and oldsters) who might have to have an amputation. Her spirit is so upbeat and independent. Prayers continue for Zoey, family and friends!

James, Dawn and Family said...

What an AMAZING lil soul Zoey has. Praise GOD she's been blessed with a family to go on this journey!!

Sharon said...

Zoey's determination is such a blessing for all of you. I love to see her beautiful smile. I don't think a child gets any cuter!

quilt-n-mama said...

So awesome that Zoey is doing so well. Great photos of your family as you walk through these days together!

Wife to the Rockstar said...

I LOVE your header, reminds me of mine!!!! Except mine isn't as pretty!

trustandobey said...

So glad Zoey has such moxy! Shows how she will handle adversity to come! When does she get the new foot? Cannot wait to see how quickly she is back on her feet and running circles around her siblings:)

Gretchen said...

I love the pictures. More particularly I LOVE the 10 stockings hanging from your mantle. Ahhhh...what blessings!

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Annie said...

Karin, you have such a beautiful family! It looks like sweet Zoey is doing great! Kids are just so amazing! Thank you so much for your offer of help for precious Blossom's wheelchair!!!! I will post about it when I get the link from LWB! Thank you again!

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