Saturday, December 11, 2010

Zoey Girl

Our Zoey girl continues to heal. She is doing amazingly well and quickly figured out how to get where she wanted to go.

If she wanted to go upstairs, she scooted up and down on her bottom. When she got to the top though, she didn't have her walker. Hmmm...what to do? Usually she dispensed one of her little toadies {Kate or Jake} to get it. Eventually, Miss Independent-pants, started carrying it up herself--on.her.lap.

When we go out to the car, she scoots down the steps in the garage and then hops out to the car.

One day when she got into her carseat, she grinned up at me and said, "Am I amazing girl?"
Oh yes, my spunky are amazing.

I am so thankful for her great attitude.

She has had a few moments of frustration and sadness. One night when the kids were running around the house, she was doing her best to keep up with them, using her walker. When she couldn't, she started to cry.

Another day, some minor thing set her off and she couldn't stop crying. I held her for about 20 minutes as she sobbed and sobbed. When I asked her why she was crying, she wailed,
"I don't know."
Maybe it was her way of grieving her loss...maybe she was overwhelmed with everything...or maybe she was doing an impersonation of a teenage girl...I don't know.

However, she was soon back to her smiley self.

She definitely tires more easily and falls asleep every time we ride in the car. And at times when she is tired, she wants to be carried rather than walk. We are only too glad to help her out!

Today was the first day that she mentioned it was starting to itch under her cast. For those of you who have dealt with this, does Ben*dryl help?


Deanna, (aka Dj, and Deej.) said...

I've never heard of using medication for the itch... as a child I always used an unsharpened pencil or popsicle stick (or anything similar) to get to the itch. Maybe a plastic chopstick? I could certainly send you some if you don't have any!
I may be wrong, but I think Ben*dryl is usually for an alergy or rash? The itching while wearing a cast is just the skin complaining of being couped up! It gets all sorts of gross in there lol
Maybe Miss Zoey needs a handy dandy scratching-tool carrier for her walker :)

Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...

Wow! She is an Amazing girl!! I am glad she is doing so well... i would think that she would need to mourn her loss a little. I would. :) She is such a doll!!

Kim K. said...

Zoey is such a trooper. The smell all drove us a tad bit crazy at the end of Josie's six weeks but we didn't give her any meds for the itching. Emma threatened to hang a car freshener off of Josie's arm.

sara said...

this made me smile!!!

Lori said...

Indeed, Zoey is an AMAZING GIRL!! Her determination is incredible!

Yes, Benadryl does help with itching...I'd give it a try. BUT, only at bedtime cause of its sleepy effects (as you know). :)

I have no doubt that she will quickly figure out a way to keep up with the other kids!

Adeye said...

Yes, she sure is a spunky, tough girly. How amazing that she is doing so well, friend. What a huge answer to prayer.

God is sooooooo good!!!!

Theanne and Baron... said...

So happy that Zoey is doing well overall...her attitude is totally awesome. She's had a lot of heavy duty stuff come her way...crying is a good release! So wonderful for her to have a loving, supportive family, makes mending so much easier...TYJFPA

Shonni said...

She sounds like she is doing so well...what a brave one!! I will continue to pray for you all!!!

Laurie said...

Hi Karin,
Been a silent follower for quite sometime but wanted to say, I stand in awe of your Zoe's resilience. Love that she's all girl and will cry because she doesnt know! More because of her loss I'm sure but I still love the answer. Try putting some baby powder down her cast. It make help for awhile. When I had one, the Docs said no pointy things to scratch as it my cause a cut, etc and infection. Granted that was many moons ago.
Blessings to you all. Amazing family with awesome faith!

Annie said...

Your Zoey just sounds more and more like my Lizzie!!!! So glad she is doing so well and thank so much Karin, for your donation to Blossom's wheelchair!!!

Cindy said...

Love Zoey's smile and spunk. Praying for her. We've had a few casts around here too...not much to do b/c the skin gets dry and itchy and it will look awful when the cast comes off. I am so amazed at your gal! You too Mama! Thanks for the updates.