Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Beach- a footnote to yesterday's post

I debated on whether to not to tell this story...

...but it just seemed too good to keep to myself.

So, despite the risk of you thinking poorly of me, I shall tell it.

Several hours into our beach frolic, Jonah came and told his mom that he needed to go potty. Since the port-a-john's were a LONG walk and stunk to high heaven, she told him to go out into the ocean to do the deed.

He gave her a strange look and then went to the waters edge and began to wriggle his swim suit down. I cracked up and alerted Kim to the sight of her four year old's naked buttocks. We were dying laughing as she ran out into the water to give him a lesson on how to discreetly carry out this task. What was even funnier is that although he did go out into the water, he was still assuming the position that boys use and it was totally obvious what he was doing.

Kim and I laughed about this for several minutes and I had the passing thought that it was something my boys had never done.

Ten minutes later...

Jake strolls up holding himself and tells me he has to go potty. I wave him off toward the water and give him permission to 'go' there.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Jake also dropping trou! I rush out to the water (as fast as one can rush when cracking up) and reach him just in time to deactivate the launch sequence. I try to instruct my very confused little guy that he can go with his swimsuit ON. HUH? He looks at me in shock. go with your suit ON. He refused to go out into the water, though, and just stood there letting it all go down his leg. Gross!

This morning, we had another interesting episode. This is a new one--despite the fact that I've had three other boys ahead of Jake and they have done some unique things with their pee-pee.

Does this look like a toilet to you? Not to me, either. But apparently, Jake thought it was a good place to relieve himself this morning. Thankfully, several of his siblings are self-proclaimed pee-pee police, and ratted him out.

Seriously...what possesses kids to do stuff like that?! I mean, what is going through their little heads when they make the decision to move forward with a plan of action that is absurd to the rest of society?

So today, I am thankful for outdoor faucets so that certain toys can be hosed down and left outside in the hot sun.


Gretchen said...

I was just about to say that you need to be careful because they will take your advice from the beach and use it else where. Yes, speaking from experience.

Don't forget to bleach them their Legos!!

Angie said...

Discretion and children do not go together, do they? And hey...if you can pee in your bathing suit in the ocean, why not pee in the lego box? I think my Charlie would have to agree to Jake's logic!

Kathleen said...

I love being a mom...At times I just have to shake my head:) What to do? Good thing he is such a sweet boy:)

sara said...

LOL!! one time I walked past the bathroom in the house, where my two boys were peeing "together" and heard one exclaim "look! we made an X!!"

boys! :)

Chris said...

When our dog peed on the legos, we thought he was marking his territory.
Uh Jake?

Holly said...

And THAT my friend is one of MANY reasons I don't get in the ocean.
There are many others!

Anonymous said...

Hey I think God knew you might need 100 degree heat. He knew you are Jakey's mama!! That little man just cracks me up!!
Thanks for the story. Mine finally got the idea of going in there suit at the beach but they still squat. One day they might understand the art!

Kim K. said...

Ok. That's too darn funny but once again glad the pee-filled lego box is at YOUR house. Maybe there's a reason we don't have boys in our house. Hugs!

Tesseraemum said...

Just wait till you go to the pool and the boys don't get why they can't pee in the pool!!
Last year we had a plot in the preschool's (church) community garden. EVERYTIME we were there Audrey had to "go". Sending a girl behind a tree is a little more involved than boys! Holding her in the position and praying not to get hit really added to our gardening experience!! Sheri