Monday, July 26, 2010

Bathroom Humor

Today I took the kids to the library and we had to visit the restroom. The youngest ones crowded into the handicap stall and were taking turns using the potty.

When it was Jake's turn, Zoey and Kate, peered in fascination as Jake stood up to go. At home, he sits like they do due to mom's wrath at his poor aim, so they just recently became aware of his amazing ability to stand up to go.

I choose to help him aim because...well...I don't care to clean up a public restroom.

I learned that the hard way.

One time, many years ago, I lost my grip while helping one of my other boys. Let me just say that a loose fire hose has nothin' on a little boy who has to go really bad.


As I was leaning over Jake trying to help him, SaraGrace started peppering him with questions.

"Jake...are you gonna go by yourself or is someone gonna help you?"

No answer....he's concentrating.

"Jake...are you gonna do dat yourself? I don't think you can do dat. Who is going to point da arrow?"

Oh My Word...

I started laughing so hard! Point the arrow? Now that is one description I've never heard before.


Kimberlie said...

Oh my word is right. I have never heard of that one. That is great! You know, I have never thought of insisting that #2 sit on the toilet at home (#1 always has and prefers to take care of business this way) but it sure would make for more pleasant smelling bathrooms. I dread him going in my bathroom. I think this might be a new rule. Cuz I got news for you, aim doesn't necessarily improve by the age of 6 yrs. You probably know that already having so many boys but this is something I am just finding out. :)

Lori said...

Gracious. If that isn't the funniest thing ever!

Kim K. said...

Oh my. Your blog is always worth a few laughs and smiles...especially when Jake is involved.

Holly said...

I love your kids. Seriously. Laughter is good medicine and the Lord knew you'd need it :)

sara said...

LOL!!! I don't have any words...but I am laughing!!!

lowe施cole鈺man駿 said...
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劉傑汝劉傑汝 said...
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Kristin Ferguson said...

THANK YOU for not adding pictures to this post. :)

So I guess with all your boys you have a quiverful of arrows? tee hee

Have a great day!

trustandobey said...

Boys' stories are so funny and foreign to me. No brothers and no sons. Totally "sheltered" life:)
ps-Jake, you are too cute!!!

Grace said...

Karin, Your kids are hilarious! and very adorable.

I remember when my oldest son(who shall remain nameless, haha) called me into the washroom to show me all the creative ways he had come up with to use facilities.