Monday, July 05, 2010

Our Faithful God

The fourth of July is over...the day I was dreading because Ryan was not going to be with us for the first time in 20 years.
God carried us through. We had a nice day. He provided new friends, a cook-out, and total peace of mind and heart.

Just wanted you to know that He is faithful and we are doing well.
In other news....the building permit finally arrived to get started on the girls' 3rd floor renovation. Of course, it is now over 90 degrees with high humidity. Poor Jeff.

To say this made me uneasy is an understatement.

Seriously...wouldn't you be a little nervous to see your husband doing this?

Happily, the window got installed without any injuries.

And last but not least (and totally random...)
THIS is growing in my yard!

A BLUE hydrangea! I have always wanted a blue one--poured all the correct fertilizer to turn pink ones no avail.

I know...I am easily entertained.


Angie said...

Ugh...I hate heighths, and I wouldn't have been able to even take the photo of him on the roof! Glad the renovation is underway, and he's safely on the ground!

Kim K. said...

I'm glad you were able to enjoy the holiday despite Ryan's absence.

Holy MOLY! I would be freaking out seeing my husband on the roof like that. I can't wait to see the construction progress. Are you still planning on building a little hide-away for the kids?

Lori said...

Oh my heart is pounding and my pits sweating seeing Jeff up there like that! My hubby does crazy stuff like that too and it just makes me out of my mind! I will tell him, "Don't you dare fall off and die, leaving me with all these kids!" LOL. He appreciates my concern for HIM.

Love the hydrangea pic!! I just happened to plant mine in just the right spot a few years ago and now it's GINORMOUS! I absolutely love it!!

sara said...

oh my word.......yes, I would have been extremely nervous. Actually I would never have let MY husband up there...not judging you :) just knowing my husband would have fallen FOR SURE!!! don't tell him I said that!

trustandobey said...

Jeff needs to get down from there. I don't let Randy do that kind of stuff anymore. (Glad the window was put in without incident, though.)
Beautiful flower!!! Capture it, my friend!!!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Wow! That's one tall house. Does it have 4 floors like Adeye's new high-rise? :)

Glad you were able to meet some new friends and be "distracted" from Ryan's absence. Please tell him we said hello and are still praying for him. Does he have a new address where we can write to him?

See you on Thursday! You are planning on the mega-road trip to South Hill right???????


Ally said...

Holy Cow!!! I would be FREAKING out if that were my husband. He would so do something like that in a minute. Glad there were no injuries. And I love your flower photo!

Shonni said...

That really is a LONG way up!!!
And the flower is really beautiful.

Gretchen said...

OoOOOooooo... you know I so love flowers! I love hydrangeas, they just don't grow so well down here..too hot!

And, yes, I would have had to go inside if my hubby was up there on top of the roof like that.

Sharon said...

The pictures of Jeff brought CHILLS up my spine!!! Glad that project is over! Hopefully the rest will be done inside in the air conditioning. Glad you had a good 4th.