Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Too Tired to Blog

So sorry for my absence. Three words... Vacation Bible School. It's killing me. Ha.

I am so tired tonight that I can't even think straight. But the kids are having fun and that's what matters, right? Only two more days....

I was with my group when I looked up and saw the pre-school group--led by Jillian--walking by. She is the leader of five kids, three of whom are her siblings. I thought it was so cute how they are all hanging on to a little rope as they go from activity to activity.

Yum...snack time!

1st Graders lead the music

Water day! Let's get W.E.T.

Girlfriends rock!

In other news...

The other night, Jeff was reading a devotional to the kids after dinner. Normally, they all struggle to sit still and listen for 3 minutes, but this particular evening they were especially restless. Finally, outright giggles and laughter erupted. I started to scold them when someone alerted me to the fact that SaraGrace had her arm up in the air. (For some context, I sit next to Jeff and his back is to a wall. I don't see the wall unless I turn my head sideways.)

I said something to the effect of..."What's the big deal about her having her arm up in the air? And SaraGrace, please put your arm down. Why is it up in the air anyway?"

More smothered giggles and finally she said softly,
"I'm making animals."

I turned and saw this:

Who could possibly see that and not laugh? Needless to say...I joined the crowd.


Lori said...

So very funny!

OK, Lucy just told me to stop looking at the computer.

I better go before I get accused of having some sort of addiction. Whatever that would be.

trustandobey said...

Nice shadow critter!
Still redoing the basement as our "new" studio. No time to blog here either.( Just seeing that one photo of Jillian in front of the white picket fence makes me want to throw the kids in the car and make my way North!!!) Ahhh! New England!!!!
Exhausted in NC as well,

Kristin Ferguson said...

That's why I don't do VBS-'nuff said. :)

I'm still waiting for Lisa to finish her basement studio so she can take incredibly amazing photos of our new daughter.

Exhausted here in NC waiting for her to finish. :)


Kim K. said...

I've missed catching on my favorite blogs. Your blog always makes me smile. Hugs!

momof3darlings said...

OMGoodness how SWEET is that?!?!

吳婷婷 said...
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