Monday, July 12, 2010

Froggie Twins

Some of our kids love frogs--or I suppose to be correct, they are most likely toads. But whatever...

We call them frogs.

SaraGrace started this froggie craze last summer when she caught some and played with them for hours.

This year, Chloe has overcome her fear of touching the rumored wart-inducing reptiles. (They are reptiles, right? and yes, I know they don't give you warts.)

"We found two froggies!!"

Meet Froggie #1. I felt no need to take a photo of Froggie #2, since he is an identical twin.

The twins have 'fun' playing in the playground area of their little house.

Then it was time for dinner.

"After dinner, it was time for a little tv in the comfy armchair."

"Little froggie, would you like to sleep in the crib tonight?"

"Your twin is going to sleep over here."

Or maybe not. "Get down you naughty froggie!"

"Awww....Good night, little froggies. Sleep tight!"

Disclaimer: I would like to say that no reptiles were harmed in the filming of this post, but sadly, one did die from um...over-handling by a small child.

And just a little footnote to yesterday's post. We normally go to McDon*ald's for ice cream because it's so much cheaper, but let's face just don't get the fun-summer-ice-cream-joint feeling there. Sigh... We will keep looking for a cool place to go.

And the copious amount of silly bandz my kids have are due in part to a friend of mine who had a genius idea. Go check it out! Hint: it involves getting your kids to do chores!! rocked my summer!!


Missy said...

Just so you know, frogs are amphibians! Love the pics!

Missy Wenzl

Kristin Ferguson said...

I love the froggie pictures and could have done without the information concerning the untimely death of one of them. :( Aren't froggie stories supposed to have happy endings?

Note to Karin--don't write children's books for a living!


Kimberlie said...

Glad the rubber bands are a hit. My boys have a ridiculous amount too. Daughter, not so much. She wasn't really motivated by them. The good news is that I haven't given a rubber band out in a week and yet amazingly, the chores are still happenin' in our house. Right now, as long as chorin' doesn't involve cleaning their rooms, they love everything else. I am fine with that.

Wahoo! I finally had a parenting idea that actually worked!!! :)

Gretchen said...

eeeeeeewwwwwwww!! You just do not know how much I hate frogs or toads...they're all the same!!!!

We have LOTS of them around here because we have an environmental marsh land across the street with a pond. When it gets dark I don't walk around the neighborhood cause they all come out. YUCK!!!!! Yes, they have jumped on me before. Not a pretty sight!

Make sure they didn't pee in the kid's play house toy! (hee hee)

Jaime said...

Here is another tip for those silly bands . . carabiner clip for when they have so many it cuts off circulation! :)

Loved the photos!!

Tori said...

Love the froggie playtime! Great idea Kim had about the Bandz! I may have to try with the girls. How did Chloe earn so many?

trustandobey said...

Great photos. I was expecting to see them dressed in doll's clothes.
Sorry to hear one bit the dust. It happens:(
ps-Both toads and frogs are amphibians.

Lori said...

Ok, this was the funniest thing I've seen in blog land in quite some time. What a soap opera, those two frog twins! And one even died. Perhaps he will come back to life and re-enter the scene. Ya never know. Anything is possible.

James, Dawn and Family said...

Crackin up!

Adeye said...

toooooo darn cute for words :) I love how you captured the moment.


育隆 said...

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Kim K. said...

I'm sneaking my favorite blogs while I'm suppose to be working at my computer conference. Those pictures totally CRACKED me up. A few colleagues around me wondered what I was laughing at...oops. Busted!

嘉雯 said...


David & Janet Hurley said...

How cute--we have those teenie tiny frogs too.
I hope all is well, you haven't posted all week, I miss it!