Friday, July 09, 2010

OK--the Story

It's not too dramatic...just a normal boy event. That's the first clue about who received was a boy.

After spending more than half the day at Children's with Katie, I was so looking forward to a nice quiet evening. The kids were bathed and we were getting everyone in bed.

I walked into the boys' room just in time to see Jordan land on the floor, simultaneously letting out a loud scream. By the time I got across the room, there was a long stream of blood into his hair. I put my hand next to his head to catch it while yelling for someone to bring me a wet wash cloth. Jordan was crying and I was trying not to scare him but still needing someone to bring me something to wipe the blood away so that I could survey the damage.

They all just stood there. Transfixed. Deer in headlights.

"GO--SOMEONE--GO! Get me a wet washcloth."

Finally, Molly--my future nurse, sprang into action. I dispensed the other kids to go get Dad. They informed me that they didn't know where he was.

I interrupt this story to say, "What's up with telling a kid to go find something and having them tell you they don't know where it is?" Um...yeah...if you have to FIND something, it's because you don't know where it is. That's why you have to go FIND it. Argh!!

I finally convinced them that someone had to go get Dad.

In the meantime, a wet paper towel appeared, which I told them was woefully inadequate for the amount of blood pooling in my palm, so I had to send someone to get a washcloth. It eventually appeared and I was able to survey the damage.

Jordan had hit the nightstand with his eyebrow and the wound was deep (for an eyebrow)...about 1/2 to 3/4 cm deep. Definitely going to need stitches--not to mention that it was a large enough cut that it wasn't going to heal well on it's own. Jeff came in, took a look and agreed.

I called our doctor's office, hoping that their after-hours clinic might still be open, but wasn't and our doctor called us and said to take him to ER.


The hope was that they could use the special glue to put him back together and not have to stitch him, but the cut was too big and too deep for that. So sutures it was. He received 12 stitches and two Silly Bandz that his siblings didn't have yet. That put a small smile on his face when the nurse arrived with those. Thankfully, the skin was not jagged, so the doctor was able to get it sewn back together pretty well. He said in about 5 years, we won't be able to see the scar.
Hooray for Silly Bandz!

In the rush, I forgot my camera, so no gory pics to share. haha

Here is what he looks like today. He gets his stitches out in about a week.


Lori said...

Oh my goodness. That poor kid!! You better keep some bubble wrap on him for a while before anyone starts looking accusingly at you! :)

But really, doesn't every tough guy have a scar just above his eye? Yeah, I think it's a rule. Now he's officially part of the club. Good for him!!

Kim K. said...

Poor little guy. Not a fun way for either of you to spend your night. Hugs to you both.

I have a nice battlescar above my eyebrow from falling into a coffee table as a toddler. It adds character!!

Here's to hoping for an easier weekend!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Hey Jordan! Josi has almost the same exact scar except hers is right in side her eyebrow which means no hair grows there--uber-cool!!! She got hers from falling off the bed. We went to the doctor and the doctor said, "NO more Josi's jumping on the bed!!!"

Hope you feel better soon sweetie!

Ally said...

12 Stitches! That is truly story worthy. Glad everyone is fine, now that is.

James, Dawn and Family said...

Poor little guy-OWEEE! He'll be able to make up some big story one day.

Angie said...

Oh, boy...I had the wrong child, but the right gender. He's lookin' like a pretty tough dude with the stitches and road rash! Good for you for staying strong with all that blood...ewwww. Glad he's doing better, and he got some silly bandz!

sara said...

I agree with Lori!!! every tough guys needs a good scar......and get some bubble wrap!!! :)

Adeye said...

Oh poor baby...that looks so sore. Anything on the face is no fun at all.

Feel better soon, honey boy.

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy!! It really goes great with the road rash. He lookes like one tough dude. OK maybe a really cutie pie with a road rash and stitches but either way, he will talk about it when he is older.
Love to you,

Cari said...

awe poor guy...that picture was gory enough for me! :) if the scar remains, then that's still cool for a boy right?

Jill said...

Bless his sweet heart! Poor Jordan! 12 Sutures? He deserved those 2 Silly Bandz!
Glad to hear he is okay!

trustandobey said...

Tell Jordan that boys with scars are cool. Maybe the family could have some fun coming up with a story behind the scar (like, um, a shark bite or something rugged like that).
Glad it wasn't worse. Sorry for the ER visit. I was in there 2 weeks ago for 2 hours and the bill was almost 4grand! (That is when you really feel the pain.)

Anne Devlin said...

Ah, the joy of boys! :-O My 20 yr old son Max loves his big scar (from the removal of a giant nevus) and tells terrific "stories" about it. Maybe someday Jordan will be doing the same thing :-)

Kathleen said...

Praying for healing...Wow, boys will be boys!! Was he doing a cool "jump or spin off his bed"? It always happens at bedtime:) This will be the summer he remembers.

David & Janet Hurley said...

I'm glad Jordan is fine. I was guessing it was Jake;0.

David & Janet Hurley said...

I'm glad Jordan is fine. I was guessing it was Jake;0.

Tesseraemum said...

Geesh, poor kid! On a brighter note his road rash seems to be healing nicely!! Sheri

Meredith said...

Poor Jordan! Give him a hug for us!

Penny said...

Oh poor Jordan! But what a trooper, silly bandz fix everything, right? He's a full fledged boy, now, road rash, stitches, the whole bit.

Almost every boy I know has had stitches in his eyebrow, or at least a scar where no brows grow. My brother's and his best friend's came from them running into each other and cracking each others' eyebrows open. My brother was 5 and he had 5 stitches. His friend was 5 and he had 3 stitches. And almost every girl I know has a scar under her chin. Mine is from falling off the monkey bars when I was 7, I had 7 stitches. My sister's is from jumping off the side of the pool and whacking her chin on the edge. She was 6 and she got 6 stitches.

But then when I was 10 and my brother was 6 I whacked him in the back of the head with an axe, he had 8 stitches and I got a very bad spanking. Boys are tough, though, thank God. :)

Gretchen said...

Poor thing! From road rash to stitches...hope he's done scaring Mom!