Friday, July 02, 2010


Our area has a car show twice a month and we decided to take the kids the other night. It's a fun time because they play 1950's songs and have a large parking lot filled with old cars.

After we had been walking around for almost an hour looking at cars, SaraGrace said,
"Where is da car show?
"Um...SaraGrace, this IS the car show...just walking around looking at cars."
"Oh. Dis is really boring...da boringest thing ever."

She said this as she skipped happily from car to car, exclaiming over each one and trying to find ones that she thought Ryan would like. If she is that happy when she is bored, I wonder what 'super exciting' would look like. Nevermind...I already now.

This one was my favorite. Jeff's Dad owned one just like it back in the day.
I asked Jeff to stand in front of it for his dad.

The ever-popular El Camino (ugh...who would buy one of these?)

"Mom, I think Ryan would like this car. Take my picture and send it to him."

Peeking inside

and this is what he saw

"We think Ryan would like this one, too!"

California surfing mobile

Cruisin' car

A Duster for my brother-in-law...

We like this cool yellow car

Jeff, taking a picture of a truck he thinks Ryan would like

Jordan looked all over for a green car. When he found this one, he asked me to take his picture, then went and stood in front of it, squared his shoulders and crossed his arms and legs. So cute!


Oh yeah, baby!
The hippy mobile! The kids were loving the camper aspect of it. They think it would be cool to have a table and fridge in your car (not to mention that cool pop-up thingy on top).

And last but not least, OUR uber cool car... Yeah. People would come from miles around to see it.


Lynsay said...

If, IF, I ever get to go home and the kids are grown, we are SO getting a VW like that and living on the beach, and I just don't care! :) Love the pics, always!

Lori said...

I love Lynsay's comment! I think she needs some beach time NOW!

Love the fun! It's really only a matter of time until one of your kids...or all of them...are asked to do some sort of commercial or print ad. I'm serious! They are so cute and funny!

Ally said...

what a fun day trip! I just love the first picture. Such a beautiful crew you have there:) Hope you have a wonderful July 4th weekend!

Jean said...

Lovin the hippy mobile!! Chuckled away as I was looking at it! Okay a couple of them... my friends drove... is that datin me, our what!

Your kids are too cute!

I have missed all the Ryan posts and plan to go back and read. I am sure you cherished your time with him! What a blessing he is to his family!

Tomorrow we go to Nanning!! The girls are less than 48 hours away from their forever family! Trying to maintain and not get too excited... breath... breath...

Anonymous said...


Kristin Ferguson said...

This is my husband's kind of post. He's a motorhead from way back and could spend DAYS at one of these things!!!

Still waiting for you to get that uber-cool church bus that you REALLY need if you want to travel long distances in the SAME CAR! (I'm still not over that!)

Either that or that lear jet. :)


sara said...

Jason's favorite is green too!

Wish I still had my mustang from HS!!!

Marmee said...

What a fun day! Our family drove one of those "hippy-mobiles" from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia to Copenhagen, Demark....and back! It took us three months and a million memories!

I love that you still include Ryan in your family...from afar! He'll really get a kick out of the photos you send him!

Tori said...

What fun shots! I LOVE that you included your car as well. :) I got a little giggle thinking of you camping with your whole family in the hippie van! Now that, would be some comedy!!

Kim @ Up North Mommy said...
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Kim Priestap said...

Not one '67 GTO to photograph for Steve? LOL. He loved that car even though it was a money pit.

I'm glad to hear you had a good Fourth of July. We had a nice one although Steve and I both worked.