Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Snapshot - Birds of a Feather

I love bird watching. I have dreams of having beautiful, colorful birds come to feeders in my back yard while I sip coffee and watch them.

So far it hasn't happened.

But it could. Don't laugh.

I guess it has something to do with the fact that every time I slip out onto the deck with a cup of coffee, little feet and loud voices find me within 3.5 seconds and scare the birds away.

In spite of that, I have been able to watch the birds from the kitchen window and try to shoot pictures through it's somewhat spotty glass.

I have been watching a cool looking wood pecker couple this week who loves the peanut butter flavored block of gooey stuff I put out for them. The other birds seem to like it, too. However, the wood pecker family seems to know that the peanut butter stuff is theirs. Which it is. I have other stuff for the rest of the birds.

Every time another bird comes near, the wood peckers give it the stink eye. And then the bird actually leaves! It is cracking me up! The rest of the birds can't seem to withstand the pressure of the stare downs.

"Ahhh...the whole place to myself. As it SHOULD be."

"Excuse me, I don't believe you were invited."

"That's right. Fly away. And don't come back."

"Oh, I'm comin' back. And I'll be bringing some friends."

"You birds need to look my way and notice that I am giving you the stink eye. That's right...I'm glaring. Now beat it!"

"Oh're feelin' it now. My eyes are boring holes into the back of your head."

The stare down begins in earnest.

"That's right...hang your head in shame."

"Alright, we're leaving. But we're going to drop some Doo-Doo on the top of the feeders to register our displeasure."

"Finally! They're gone! All is right with my world."

"And people say we turkey's are dumb. We've been eating under the feeder the entire morning with no one bothering us at all."


Jean said...

LOL- Thanks for the humor- love the commentaries!

I am so jet lagged right now- I can hardly type.

trustandobey said...

Love the bird shots, but I think maybe you need to get out of the house this week and meet with friends:) Just a thought...
ps-Wish I was close enough to come over for coffee. You sure wouldn't have to ease drop on your yard birds if I were:)

The Little Family said...

Cute!!! :)

Kimberlie said...

Beautiful photos! The turkey photo reminded me of a picture my mother took a long time ago when they still lived in NJ. It was a photo of our family cat sitting on a tree stump, completely surrounding by wild turkeys. Nothing ever rattled her. She was just sititng there cleaning her coat while they wobble-gobbled around her.

BTW - we decided to steal your idea about ice cream for dinner. Since it's about 150 degrees in the shade here in Oklahoma, I declared we were going out for ice cream for dinner. :)

Lori said...

You need to get out more. I'm just sayin'. But so do I because I found this post more than mildly hilarious!

Adeye said...

Hahahahahaha.....toooo sweet.

I am so with dear Lisa on need some friends this week :):):)

Tina Michelle said...

great pics!

盈廖生家秀蔡 said...
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Stefanie said...

Pretty funny! That woodpecker didn't budge during that entire 'conversation', did he?? Reminds me, I should probably fill our bird feeders...
Great to see you join in this week, Karin :)

Wife of the Pres. said...

YES thanks for the laugh. I NEEDED it today. Oh my word. Re-entry is whipping my backside today. *smile* I try the bird thing but then I forget to change the food and no wonder they stop coming … who likes moldy food. Apparently not even birds. *sigh*

zentmrs said...

Great shots! I love watching our birds too - we had one woodpecker in our yard once, but never saw him again. And kudos to the turkeys for figuring it out! ;-)

Kristi said...

The turkeys were my personal favorite...

Kristin Ferguson said...

Did someone say coffee and watching birds with Karin??? I'm THERE! Oh, and we can shoot the turkeys for Thanksgiving Dinner too! What fun!

Again, the jet would sure come in handy!


Mama Melissa said...

Hey, can I ask where Zoey and Kate are from? My Mia is from Guangxi province... and she has similar features as they do... sort of, from what I think I see in your pics... and I was just curious. People think my daughter is from Vietnam, but she is from SW China.